What is Photo Stack in Google Photos?

The latest feature will be coming out soon on our Android mobile phones ie. Photo stack in Google Photos.

As we know this is one of the best ways to back up your device’s photos and videos, Google Photos is also making progress in assisting you with media library management which means one can easily organize, delete, and move items in photos. Your library is already automatically organized by the program, which also makes searching through it simple. Periodic reminders to archive screenshots and similar content are also included.

Let’s get to know more about Photo Stack in Google Photos.

What is a Photo Stack Feature in Google Photos?

Photo Stack Feature in Google Photos

Google Photos’ Photo Stack feature will automatically group similar photos from Google photos that were taken together. This makes your main feed less cluttered, and you may select the best shot from the stack and remove the others that are comparable. As per the report of SP Android, this is the main work of the Google Photo Stack feature.


How to Enable Photo Stack Feature in Google Photos?

If you want to check out the Photo stack feature in the coming time when it will be rolled out for normal devices.

1. To activate the Photo Stack feature in Google Photos, You need to go to Settings on your mobile phone > Preferences > Stack Similar Photos.

2. There is another way to enable it by adjusting the setting in the primary “Photos” tab’s three-dot menu in the upper right corner.

3. Once available, Photo Stack enhances your experience by grouping similar photos seamlessly.

4. Access this feature effortlessly through the intuitive settings menu under Preferences.

5. Enjoy the organized visual journey with Google Photos’ Photo Stack feature.

Wrapped Up

This Google photo stack feature is not available to stable the release of Google Photos. As per the reports, features are limited to grouping similar photos only but who knows about the future, We can only wait and hope Google releases the Photo stack feature as soon as possible.

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