What is Claude AI? Can Calude AI Compete Google Bard, Chatgpt and Bing Ai?

Claude AI is a buzzword that we are listening to nowadays in the World of Artificial intelligence. But why is this happening across the globe even though we have the most amazing and impressive chatbots like Chatgpt, Google Bard, and Bing Chat? Claude AI was launched last year and it leaves an impressive impact on the user from its services. With over 350,000 individuals eagerly joining the waitlist, the latest iteration, Claude 2, has generated considerable anticipation among users. We will see What is Claude AI, Claude AI vs Chatgpt vs Google Bard vs Bing Chat, etc.

What is Claude AI?

Claude AI is created by Anthropic AI(a San Francisco AI-based company. It is a basically like chatbot. It uses something called Large Language Models to talk like a human in writing. Claude is good at many things like summarizing, editing, answering questions, making decisions, and even writing code!

There are three versions of Claude: Claude 1 which was launched in March, Claude 2 launched in July, and Claude Instant.

They all work with words and sentences, but each one is a bit different. Claude stays updated with new information and can read up to 75,000 words at once. That’s like reading a short book and being able to talk about it. Claude Instant is a little bit faster than Claude 2. But at the complex problem solution, Claude 2 is doing better.

How to Use Claude Ai?

Claude AI, Claude AI vs ChatGPT vs Google Bard vs Bing Chat

Based on the most recent Claude 2 model or Claude Instant, the Claude chatbot can be used in the United States and the United Kingdom as an open beta. Anthropic plans to eventually make access available everywhere around the globe.

To access Claude AI, one needs to register at Claude.ai website and fill in their details. From there, you can either utilize one of Claude’s pre-programmed instructions to get started or initiate a conversation. (Note: Anthropic has added a Claude Pro option, which allows you to use additional features as they become available and access during periods of high traffic.)

To begin a chat, simply type your question or message into the text box provided on this site. For additional context, you can also optionally upload a PDF or text document that you want to know more about with a short message about what you want with that.

After entering your question or message, click send or press enter to start the conversation.

Claude  AI will then provide a response to your input. If you’d like, one can copy the response to save it elsewhere. Or, if you want to try rephrasing the response or approaching your question from a slightly different angle, feel free to retry your original question. In the last, you can share the feedback as well.

Claude AI vs Chatgpt vs Google Bard vs Bing Chat

We know from the last year we have seen, that the conversational AI space has exploded. Four of the biggest names are Claude AI, ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing Chat. All these come with some premium features along with free. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Claude AI comes from Anthropic, a startup founded by former OpenAI researchers(fun fact 😂). It concentrates on giving honest, harmless, and beneficial reactions. Compared to previous chatbots, Claude promises to be more intelligent and capable of fact-checking. It often avoids spreading potentially false information with more cautious reactions.

ChatGPT launched by OpenAI in late 2022 has become hugely popular. This chatbot is a revolution in the AI world. All the big tech giants pushed their AI tools super quickly due to Chatgpt. It responds in a really natural and human-like manner. But because ChatGPT is a generalist chatbot, it occasionally makes up responses when it’s unsure. It also doesn’t have an up-to-date understanding of current affairs. ChatGPT doesn’t produce results that are dangerous or biased because of strict content filtering.

Google has revealed Google Bard, a test product for conversational artificial intelligence. Bard seeks to deliver new, superior solutions by firmly rooted in current websites and Google’s extensive search index. But Bard had a rough start, giving false information in its initial demo. Bard is still a work in development, therefore his skills are still unknown.

Microsoft, meanwhile, developed Bing Chat, which expanded upon OpenAI’s GPT models. When compared to ChatGPT, Bing Chat offers a more seamless integration with search results. It also makes an effort to recognize its knowledge gaps and cite sources. However, Bing occasionally displays peculiar behaviors that are probably related to how it is trained.


If we say in very clear words for each AI chatbot. So, Claude AI likes to be safe and accurate, ChatGPT wants to chat like a human, Google Bard wants to know the latest stuff, and Bing Chat is trying to mix searching and talking. But, you know, each of them has some not-so-great parts because AI is still learning. The good news is, they’re getting better really fast, and we can expect cool upgrades soon.

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