How to Get Pure Quartz in palworld?

Are you looking for how to get pure quartz in Palworld(i.e. monster taming game developed by Japanese developer Pocket Air)? If yes, just continue to scroll this page. Palworld is a game where you can make friends with animals called Pals. You can use them to help you do many things, like fighting, building, farming, and making things. Sometimes, you need to find special things to make better things. One of these special things is Pure Quartz. You need Pure Quartz to make Circuits. Circuits are important because they can make your machines work better.

Where to Find  Pure Quartz in PalWorld?

In the game Palworld, there is a special material called Pure Quartz that you can use to make advanced items like circuit boards. Pure Quartz is not easy to find, because it only grows in a very cold place called the Astral Mountains. The Astral Mountains are located in the northern part of the map, where there is a lot of snow and ice. Pure Quartz looks like dark grey rocks that have shiny spikes sticking out of them. You can see them glittering in the sunlight. To get Pure Quartz, you have to use a pickaxe to break the rocks and collect the pieces.


How to Find or Get  Pure Quartz in PalWorld?

How to Get Pure Quartz in palworld?

In the game Palworld, getting Pure Quartz is important for making cool stuff. First, grab a strong Pickaxe, it makes things easier. Then, go to the northern islands and look for special black rocks. Hit these rocks with your Pickaxe, and you’ll get Pure Quartz.

Don’t just collect Pure Quartz for fun – it’s super useful! Bring it back to your home base and set up a Production Assembly Line. This is where Pure Quartz becomes a star, helping you make awesome things in the game.

To make your life easier, think about putting a Pal Box near the black rocks. This way, you can quickly travel between your home base and the northern islands whenever you need more Pure Quartz. It saves time and makes the whole process smoother.

In Palworld, it’s not just about collecting things; it’s also about being smart. Placing a Pal Box strategically shows that you’re thinking ahead. Fast Travel makes it easy to zip between places, making your Pure Quartz mining adventure a breeze.

As you gather more Pure Quartz, you’ll discover its magic in crafting and building cool stuff. It’s not just a random thing you pick up – it’s the key to unlocking amazing projects in Palworld. So, grab your Pickaxe, explore the northern islands, hit those black rocks, and let the Pure Quartz bring your in-game dreams to life!

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