How to Master the Combat in Lies of P: Best Combat Tips for Lies of P

Hola all the gamers, in this article we will share some of the best combat tips for Lies of P which will let you know how to master the Combat in Lies of P.  As a Soulslike game, battling the frenzied puppets and crazed abominations may initially seem challenging, but with practice, it becomes second nature and easy to go ahead in the game. If you’re new to this genre, here are some best combat tips for Lies of P to help you survive and thrive beyond the first few hours of the game.

Master the Combat in Lies of P: Winning Tactics for Every Player

 Master the Combat in Lies of P: Best Combat Tips for Lies of P

1. Best Combat Tips for Lies of P:- Light vs. Heavy Attacks-

This game is just new to players so, knowing when to use light and heavy attacks is pivotal. You have to make sure that dealing more damage is great, but not if it costs you a significant portion of your health which is your ultimate remaining power to help you be in the game. Reserve heavy attacks for moments when enemies have a lengthy recovery time after a missed attack. Charged heavy attacks are best saved for when an enemy’s HP bar starts glowing, causing them to stagger and opening them up to Fatal Attacks. If you keep this tip in your mind then you can easily master the combat in lies of P.

2. Best Combat Tips for Lies of P:- Master Staggering and Fatal Attacks-

It is safe and efficient to cause injury by delivering Fatal Attacks. Like the posture bar in Sekiro, your top priority should be to stun foes. They become susceptible to finishing assaults after it is damaged. Drawing approaching enemy puppets from behind often opens the door for rear fatal attacks. Use a charged heavy attack or Fable Arts to stun enemies whose health bars have become white.

3. Best Combat Tips for Lies of P:- Perfect Your Timing for Blocks-

It’s important to grasp the blocking-off technique that helps you be present in the game for a longer time than usual. Consider concentrating on the enemy’s weapon if you’re having trouble remembering their assault animations. Press the block button as soon as you spot their weapon arm or appendage start to swing. Even if a really perfect block doesn’t result, the harm will generally be decreased as an end result. This is one of the best combat tips for Lies of P.

4. Best Combat Tips for Lies of P:- Equip Emergency Consumables-

Given the quick consumption of Legion Arms and the fast wear and tear of weapons, always have emergency consumables ready in vacant belt slots. Fable Catalysts, Legion Magazines, and Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tools are invaluable in tight spots. Having a supply of these items at all times is highly recommended.

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5. Best Combat Tips for Lies of P:- Recharge The Pulse Cell Strategically-

Without preventing rest, Pulse Cell charges (healing supplies) may be replenished at a Stargazer. It is slowly recharged via fighting foes but is most effective after all of the charges have been expended. You will be in the end regain one complete rate even as preventing, providing you with the risk to heal. The Pulse Cell does make an effort to completely recharge, so be cautious and do not act recklessly. It’s still risky to charge right into a boss struggle without any Pulse Cell fees.

6. Best Combat Tips for Lies of P:- Make the Most of Legion Arms-

In this game, you as a player need to select a Legion Arm that complements your playing style. While some are situational, like the Deus Ex Machina mine layer, others, like the Aegis Protect, prove valuable throughout every battle. Battles can be won using a variety of Legion Arms. You can better control the combat area, for instance, by using Puppet String, which enables you to re-engage after evading or running away. Be creative in how you employ your Legion Arm.


Hope you like the above best combat tips for lies of P, You can use these in your gaming time and let us know, which tips help you more. Thanks for supporting us.

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