How To Rank Blogger Blog on Google?


How To Rank Blogger Blog on Google?

Every blogger has a dream to get recognized by the people. But it’s not very easy to rank your blog on Google. This is the problem faced by everyone and me too.  But there are some solutions which you can use to get over this by practicing these things. Blogspot or WordPress are the two giants on which bloggers prefer blogging.

Some are using the custom domain of Blogspot and these solutions can help them to get viral, and rank on Google. Some SEO tips(mini Blogspot SEO guide) that you should follow to see themselves on to get your blog on top of Google search. We are going to tell you about the top 7 SEO tips to get your blog on Google’s first page.
Now let’s have a look at the SEO tips given below:-


1. Template Design should be SEO Friendly

The bot of Google always crawls your website. They also prioritize the blogs by the SEO-Friendly blog. SEO can be done in two types On-Page and OFF- Page SEO. The title, headings, image properties, text formatting, ad placement, URL, and much more come into this domain to rank bloggers.

2. Keyword Research

One of the best and most important parts of SEO optimizing your blog to get traffic from Google. By some of the keyword research can help you to target the users that will definitely find blogs on Google. There are some keyword research tools that you can use to target your keywords and rank your blogs like Google Keyword Planner,, or SEO Book’s Keyword Tool.

3. Use the Right Formatting

Right Formatting here means the reading title you use in the articles. According to  Moz and BuzzSumo, internet seekers are showing their interest to read a blog mostly whose title starts from “WHY” or “TOP“.
That guides you to keep your title more suspenseful to get attracted bu users and definitely, it will help you to get find the blog on Google.

4. Blog Post Linking

Everyone tends to link their important pages while they are forgetting about the particular articles linking will also help to stand out your blog on Google.
Getting these very focused on connections can be troublesome except if your blog entries are incredibly helpful, reasonable as well as one of a kind. Nonetheless, as referenced above, in the event that you make “connect commendable” content, you stand the most obvious opportunity with regards to normally gathering joins from different bloggers and columnists.

5. Words Count

According to an ideal blogger, One should write a blog of around 1000 – 1500 words in an article. But the minimum word you can write to 350. And if you really to get recognized then one should rite always in-depth blog to stand out in the rush platform. While a true thing, Content is the King that will help you to get your goals to rank blogger.


6. Social Media Sharing

This is the final step you can follow to make your blog rank on Google on the first page. This trick helps you to get lot of traffic to your blog which indicates Google bots there is something useful. That’s why one should use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use hashtags to increase your reach.


I hope you understand all the concepts of doing simple SEO on your blog. And if you follow these tips, surely one should find your blog on Google search results. But if you do not know blogging, then you will have to learn Practical Digital Marketing Skills, with the help of which you will learn complete skills and can earn money sitting at home.
Happy Blogging

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