Top 4 Best Liberal News Apps in the USA

As you know the fake online world is growing and not able to find the true sources of news. In this article, we will explore some of the best liberal news apps in the USA. Based on your ideology either or conservative or progressive, one should have a broad range of ideas o everything to understand the motive of every issue. However, we have curated a list of the best conservative news apps in the USA.

Best Liberal News Apps in the USA


Best Liberal News Apps in the USA

After the Democratic party comes into power, there are so many fake sites coming in and providing limited or wrong news to all, this is why we are listing some of the best progressive news apps in the USA.

1. Best Progressive News App- HuffPost :-


Best Progressive News App- HuffPost

The website HuffPost has established itself as a reliable best liberal news resource by providing a wide selection of smart articles, thought-provoking editorials, and frequent updates. The HuffPost app is a go-to site or app for people looking for forward-thinking sources and the most recent information, with an emphasis on political developments, environmental challenges, cultural trends, and lifestyle matters.


2. Best Progressive News App- BuzzFeed:-


Best Progressive News App- BuzzFeed:-

BuzzFeed is a popular website that publishes news, entertainment, and quizzes. It is known for its liberal point of view of news, which makes it a popular choice for younger audiences. The BuzzFeed app features coverage of a variety of topics, including politics, technology, and lifestyle.

Here are some of the things you can find on BuzzFeed:

  • BuzzFeed News publishes news items on a range of subjects, including pop culture and politics.
  • BuzzFeed is renowned for its viral content, which includes infographics and listicles.
  • BuzzFeed offers articles, videos, and quizzes about a variety of entertainment topics, including TV series, films, music, and more.
  • BuzzFeed quizzes are a well-liked method of discovering more about oneself and their hobbies.

3. Best Progressive News App- CNN:-


Best Progressive News App- CNN

CNN is another best liberal news app in the USA. CNN is a well-known source of liberal news that offers 24-hour coverage of world events. Latest news, live video coverage, in-depth analysis, and exclusive stories are all available on the CNN app. Politics, economics, entertainment, and technology are just a few of the many subjects covered by CNN’s reporting. This is an international platform where you will get to know news all across the globe including Asian countries.


4. Best Progressive News App- New York Times:-


Best Progressive News App- New York Times

The New York Times is a well-known progressive news source that offers excellent journalism and comprehensive coverage of international events. Breaking news, investigative reporting, editorials, and multimedia content are all available on the New York Times app and its website. The app, which is renowned for having strong editorial standards or stories, is a great option for users looking for thorough news with a liberal point of view.



If you want to know the actuality of everything that is happening right now, you must be a centric thinker including both liberal and conservative. Because in the end, both perspectives is important for society. That is why, Do not see everything in white or black because somewhere there are voices or news that need to be heard in the grey area. I hope you like this article and comment some news apps name that you follow.

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