Top 13 best conservatives apps in USA

Hey readers, today in this article, we will see the best conservatives apps in USA including the best conservative news apps, conservative dating apps, etc.

But before proceeding further, let’s discuss a little bit about What are Conservative apps? or you can say Conservative news apps.

So, The conservative apps work similarly to Gettr and Parler, providing the information to their conservative users with an eye-catching mirage.

this article will introduce you to the best news conservative apps in the USA.

best conservatives apps in USA

Conservatives apps reveal both sides in every possible way and check facts and better understand the issue properly.

So, here is the list of the top 13 best conservative apps.

TOP 13 Best Conservatives Apps in USA

1. The Daily Caller

The Daily Caller is one of my favorite conservative news apps that quickly revealed a piece of the latest news. It is a self-profit generating app that informed users of 24-hour news publications that provides its audience with original reporting and thought-provoking news. It is available for free of cost and also it is a part of the White House news poo. It was founded by veteran journalist Tucker Carlson.

Available for: iOS, Android

Price: Free

2. Breitbart

Breitbart American news network outlet updates its user with the most recent events and it also provides quick access to the breaking news and analysis. It is specially designed for the new generation that is free from conservative thinking.

It provides you the information regarding news, sports, events, and culture.

Available for: iOS, Android

Price: Free

3. Conservative News 

As the name suggests this news feed app brings the latest breaking news related to all conservatives of the US. One of the best features of this app is its use to notify you as soon as a piece of breaking news gets viral.

Available for: Android

Price: Free

4. The Epoch Times

This breaking news outlet serves you with the most trusted news doesn’t matter where you are!

Get the very first access to the breaking news including award-winning journalism, breaking, political, US, China, and world news, as well as news on arts and culture, and more. Epoch Times App, allows you to browse for digital content, including in-depth coverage of China, and unbiased reporting on US politics.

This app shows you all the hot and trending topics on the main screen from different countries like USA, China, UK, etc moreover people can watch the live streams with the live stream notification. This allows you to read different opinions of different people like political, social, and personal commentaries.

Available for: Android, iOS

Price: Free

5. Gettr

Gettr is an alternative to Twitter that was founded by Donald Trump when he was restricted on social media platforms and it is a social network platform to connect people from all over the world. You can post, Follow, share, comment, like, add media, etc. As there are several social media places and you can earn money from almost all the marketplaces, Gettr is also supporting you to earn from it and avail the benefits of services provided by gettr.


Available for: Android, iOS

Price: Free

6. Conservative News Daily

Get your all news only in one place. Conservative News Daily updates you daily with a new bunch of news added with both sides of opinions, new generation, and conservatives.

Basically, it collects news from all your favorite conservative news apps including Fox News, Breitbart, News Max, The Daily Caller, etc. User interface and User-EXPERIENCE both are pretty.

Readers can read complete news, give their own opinions, comments, likes, dislikes, share on different social handles, etc.

Available for: Android, iOS

Price: Free

7. News Max

Newsmax TV is a “ news hustler”– says Forbes. It’s America’s new string news channel in 70 million homes – now FREE via your Android app. No freights, and no paywall– get breaking news in politics, world events, finance, and health.
Watch Newsmax TV24/7 live from our workrooms in New York, Washington, and around the globe.
See megahit shows with Greg Kelly, Sean Spicer, Chris Salcedo, Nancy Brinker, and further!
Watch Newsmax TV anytime, anywhere in the world!
App also includes easy access, the popular news website Americans turn to for Real News for Real People.

8. Fox News

Fox News is also in the top best conservative apps in USA. It quickly gives information regarding any political issue, sports, events, news articles, videos., live news, and much more. The app provides you the factual news and accurate statistics.

Available for: Android, iOS

Price: Free

9. Conservative News Reader

This app provides you with the latest news in texture form, readers can easily read the whole news and different opinions of conservatives and non-conservatives.

Price: FREE

10. Blaze

Blaze is one of the amazing conservative news apps that updates you with the daily breaking news, entertainment stories, events, etc. All the updates and news are available in the mp4 format, so it is pretty simple to understand the opinions and thoughts of people on a particular topic.

11. CNBC Business News

CNBC Breaking Business News app allows worldwide breaking news alerts regarding tech, business, and global market data. The app brings up news related to finance and industries.

Available for: Android, iOS

Price: Free

12. The Washington Times

The Washington Times’ makes you enjoy hard-hitting journalism with conservative commentary on your Android. It collects all the trusted and real ​news about politics and policy that impacts you with up-to-date ​reports from around the country and inside the Beltway.

News features are added as it will notify you as soon as the latest news gets viral.

13. Frankspeech

Frankspeech is a special outlet designed for all Americans who want to defend liberty and all the freedoms that have marked America as the longest-running Indigenous Republic in the world. On this platform, you’ll find a home where you can post vids, live stream TV, distribute news and information, and find community and fellowship with like-minded Americans. Frank will be a home for major influencers, micro-influencers, to average Americans wanting to partake in the indigenous right of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. We hope you’ll join our community and let freedom ring.

Wrap Up:

So, this is all for today’s post. Hope you have got the idea of these best conservative apps in USA. Through this post, we have just tried to sum up all the best conservative news apps for all Americans.


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