Top 5 Best App to Learn Data Structures and Algorithms



Top 5 Best App to Learn Data Structures and Algorithms






If you ever ask a software engineer, what is the most important thing that a software engineer must learn? The Answer is Data structures and algorithms. Here we listed the best app to learn data structures and algorithms. These two different topics are must one to know by any IT aspirant. Data Structures is nothing but organizing the data in a very efficient way so the space complexity or time complexity will be less. Whereas an algorithm is a procedure that can be followed in some step manner to get desired output or use many algorithms to solve a problem. I hope you have a clear idea about the importance of data structures and algorithms.

Best Apps to Learn Data Structures and Algorithm

1.Best app to learn data structures and algorithms- Geeks for Geeks:-

If you belong to a CS background then you will definitely be acquainted with GFG. GFG provides more than content to upgrade your CS skills from C to python, help you prepare for particular exams like GATE, ISRO, etc. Geeks for Geeks is one of the best ever teachers for me as well in my college days. GFG is one of the best apps to learn data structures and algorithms.
This app will cover all the important parta of data strucutre and algotirm. You can personalize feed as per your experience, read the latest articles, offline learning available, and interview experiences. The topics covered in this app for data structures and algorithms are given below.

Data Structures

Array, Linked List, Stack, QueueBinary, TreeBinary, Search, Tree, Heap, Hashing, Grap, Matrix, Trie, Segment, etc.


Analysis of Algorithms, Searching, Sorting, Backtracking, Dynamic Programming, Greedy Algorithms, Pattern Searching, String Algorithms, Mathematical Algo, Geometric Algo, Graph Algorithms, Divide and Conquer.

2.Best app to learn data structures and algorithms- AlgoPrep:-

This is another one of the best data structure and algorithm learning app. This app teaches you DSA in real-time visualization which ultimately catches you better. Different cases of complexity and algorithm can be visualized in charts for the best, worst, and average cases.
All the content will be available offline means no need for an internet connection. So if you are preparing for the interview then you must check out this app to learn the basics of data structures and algorithms visually in a very easy way.

3. Best app to learn data structures and algorithms-Langira Educations:-

Algonote was developed by Langira Education to make students learn Data Structures and algorithms from theory along with the implemnetation of DSA in code. They follow a very simple approach, first, they will teach you everything about particular data strucres and algortih and then the app provides os set of questions to practice. This is how the concept building works for the students. App has not all DSA available for now.
Listed below are the only topics covered by the app
  • Array
  • String
  • Linked List
  • Stack
  • Queue
  • Hash Table
  • Tree
  • Graph
  • Searching
  • Sorting
  • Recursion
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Math
  • Bit Manipulation

4. Best app to learn data structures and algorithms-Shway:-

This app is a one-stop solution to learn data structures and algorithms for any student, tech-savvy, software engineer, etc. It has covered DSA concepts from basic to advanced. This is the best beginner-friendly app to learn data structures and algorithms. Every data structure is defined very beautifully in this app and implemented in the C programming language.
Every topic is covered in this app along with the implementation of code in C language. So if you know C then this app is just made for you.

There are some advanced topics also covered in this app like Huffman Coding, 0-1 Knapsack, Multiway-trees, etc.

5. Best app to learn data structures and algorithms- Bash Overflow:-

It is the last and one of the best Data structures and algorithms learning apps on our list. This is a data structures handbook that covers all the basic data structures from Liked List toTree in a very easy format. One can ace interviews by using this app. This app is basically covered more content from the data structure and few from the algorithm side.

1. Arrays
2. Structures
3. Abstract Data Types
4. Linked Lists
5. Stacks
6. Queues
7. Trees
8. Heaps
9. Graphs
10. Hash Table

11. Searching
12. Sorting
13 Graphs
14. Traversals.

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