Top 7 Android 15 Features Most Likely Will Launch

Android 15 will soon come into the market. In this article, we will talk about some top 7 Android 15 features that most likely come. Android 14 was released in Oct 2023 along with the Pixel 8 series. However after 14, Google promptly started working on the issues faced in 14, now things are improving. Android 15 will be launched during their annual event Google I/O 2024 May. There will be many Gen AI features most likely introduced in Android 15 features. Here are the top 7 Android 15 Features Google is most likely to introduce.

Android 15 Features Expected to Launch by Google

7 Android 15 Features

1. Private Space:-

In the context of private space, Samsung’s secure folder is so much applauded by users for hiding their personal data. On the same note, Google will introduce the Private space in Android 15 that lets users create & setup the closed and distinct profiles that they may install apps on and hide when needed. User can keep their data safe and apps in the encrypted section of their devices. Of course, Users can lock and hide this section.

2. Partial Screen Share:-

For now, Android has supported screen sharing with others. Now with Android 15, partial screen sharing is also possible which means one can share some portion or a single window of the application. This guarantees that a third party gaining virtual access to your Android smartphone will be limited to seeing and using the window that is visible to them.

3. Notification Cool Down:-

This is some kind of feature that means more to me. I always had issues with notification bombardment on my device. Android 15 will save the day if you’re concerned about receiving notifications from a particular app all the time. Without user input, Android 15 will automatically reduce the volume of incoming notifications.

4. Satellite Connectivity:-

iPhone 14 or the latest version has satellite connectivity. Google will also introduce the Satelite connectivity from Android 15. However, this is not confirmed it will be free or charged. Without Wi-Fi or cellular access, users may share their location, text emergency services, and request roadside help thanks to satellite communication.

5. Web Camera Mode:-

This Android 15 feature is most likely to be introduced in the Google annual event. In this, users can pair or enable web camera mode with Windows 11 PCs. However, the image quality is low. Google made it possible for Pixel smartphones running Android 14 to be used as webcams.

6. Sensitive Notifications:-

Android 15 will be able to differentiate between SMS messages that contain OTPs and handle them differently from ordinary SMS messages. By doing this, messages containing OTPs for other applications will not be readable by apps that own your messages(it helps to stop many scams). Since OTPs can now be protected, this could be a serious issue if you unintentionally open a malicious app on your phone that has access to all of your messages.

7. Bluetooth Popup Dialogue Box:-

Those who own a lot of Bluetooth gadgets will love this functionality surely. Long-pressing the Bluetooth quick toggle on Android 15 will launch a Bluetooth dialogue box. From this menu, users can navigate between the many devices they have recently paired or connected to.


These are the above top 7 Android 15 features most likely to be introduced. However, there are more features lined up for the new version of Android 15. During Google I/O, which starts on May 14 of this year, Google is anticipated to formally unveil Android 15. Comment your favourite Android 15 features or share with us what kind of feature you love to see in Android 15.

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