How to Export Images, Videos from Whatsapp Chat And Group

Well, WhatsApp allows you to export images, and videos from WhatsApp chat and groups. This is very important when you want to keep your data in some drive or while changing new mobile phone. Now question arise we also save WhatsApp backup to drive but it requires more space generally in Google Drive we have 15 GB of space for free, after that one has to pay for more space. In this case, one can export all media like images, videos, pdf, etc from WhatsApp chat and groups.

 Export Chat Feature in WhatsApp

Export Images, Videos from Whatsapp Chat And Group

This export chat feature in WhatsApp allows you to download all chats including all types of data like text, emojis, gifs, videos, images, PDFs, etc.

A list of Various Data  export features in WhatsApp allows:-

 1. Media Files:- It includes all the images, videos, audio, gifs, documents, etc.

2. Text Messages:- In this, all the text, characters, emojis, bullets, commas, fancy fonts everything can be exported.

3. Links:- Whatever links you share like YouTube video link or any website link, it will also easily export.

4. Location:- If you ever shared the location in your chats, that is also included while WhatsApp chat export.

5. Contact Cards:- When someone asks you to share the contact in WhatsApp chat that will also be included in this.


Export WhatsApp Chat on Android 

1. Firstly Install the Solid Explorer file manager app from the Play Store app, this will let you easily export the chats to your internal storage. After installation, one needs to grant the storage of the phone.

1. To Export WhatsApp chat, you need to open WhatsApp & select the chat you want to export.

2. Now open the chat and click on the 3 dots in the right top corner.

Export WhatsApp Chat

3. Choose More and then  Export Chat.

Export WhatsApp Chat


Export WhatsApp Chat

4. After choosing export chat, there will be 2 options like include media or without Media.

Export WhatsApp Chat

5. After choosing the export option, WhatsApp will generate the chat file to download and place where you want it to be like an internal storage folder using Solid Explorer Manager.

In the last, Chats will be exported by WhatsApp and saved as a ZIP file to your phone’s storage. You will discover a ZIP file named WhatsApp Chat when you open that folder in any file manager. To see all of the images, videos, PDFs, and documents that you and the other person have exchanged, extract them.


Export WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

1. Head to WhatsApp, and select the chat which you want to export.

2. Click on the header of that chat, below you will see the option to export chat.

3. Like Android, here are the two options prompt attached Media or without media.

4. After choosing one option, it will show Save to Files just click on that & choose the desired folder where you want to save that particular chat.

This will create a ZIP file containing all of the chat’s images, videos, documents, and other materials. To extract the files and view them in your iPhone’s Files app, simply tap the file. Like Android, here we do not need to download any external app to export chat to internal memory.

Can We Export WhatsApp chat without any External App on Android?

No, for now, you can not export WhatsApp chat without any external app on Android. In the past, you could disable Google Drive backups to create local backups of WhatsApp. Before uninstalling WhatsApp, you might then move these local backups to a new phone or store them in a different folder. You could recover the media and chats after reinstalling it by putting the backup file back in the right folder. You are sadly unable to accomplish that at this time. For devices with Android 10 or newer, WhatsApp offers alternative options for data transfer. You can use the built-in Chat Transfer feature for direct phone-to-phone transfers, or back up data to Google Drive (Android) or iCloud (iOS) for easy restoration. While third-party apps are available, they are less secure and often require paid subscriptions. Additionally, chats can be exported as PDFs for documentation purposes.


So this is all about how you can export images, and videos from WhatsApp Chat And Group. In Android, you need to download to export the chat in internal memory or any other location. In iPhone, one can directly export files.


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