BhaiLang – A programming language for Bhai Log

Bhailang is creating a buzz nowadays and if you are here after watching several memes on Instagram related to Bhai Language, so you are at the very right site.

We are also very excited to reveal the secret of this Bhai language this is why In today’s article we are gonna discuss the Bhailang, what it is?, How it works, etc.

So, without any further delay, let’s explore the very first Question.

What is Bhai Language?

Bhai language is a toy language that is written in typescript and it is developed by two Indian brothers named Aniket and Risabh Tripathi. When I first time heard about the Bhai language, I just google it and then I wondered about this amazing super fun language. Also, I found this programming language is very different from other languages like C/C++/Python ut of course there are some similarities with JAVA.


As soon as I saw a demo program of Bhailang, I was happy to see that, now we can program just like we chat on social media (Hinglish).

In short, we can say Bhai Langage is a dynamically typed toy script language, written in Typescript, it can be used for various purposes in the future.

When we start to learn to program, most of us get bored very soon and quit, right? But as I found, I ensure, if you start from the Bhai Language, you will find the Programming is like a game that encourages you to do some more fun.

BhaiLang is Developed by whom?

In India, Bhai stands for Brothers and the super fun is also built-in by two bros, this is why this language got the name BhaiLang. Bhai Language is developed by two Indian Brothers namely Aniket and Risabh Tripathi both are software engineers and work in Amazon and Groww respectively.

If you want to try this language, simply go to their website bhailang 

and let me know in the comment section how much you loved this language.

How to learn Bhai Language?

If you are too excited to learn the bhai language like me, so here is a demo, that clears you how simple it is and the demo ensures that you will easily learn the typescript language.

Bhailang is just launched by two bros, so there are only 1 or two tutorials that can teach you bhai language but surely after some time, a bunch of tutorials will be available on YouTube as well as text references on websites.

Bhai Language demo


How you are feeling now? After seeing this funny language demo.

As you can see in the above example- the code starts with hi bhai and ends with bye bhai. Note that there is no use of Capital Letter, maybe there are some keywords that only have the capital letter in starting.

How to print “Hello World” in Bhai Language

if a programmer wants to print something using Bhai Language, its so simple, you just have to write bol bhai”Hello World”. But note that you want to print a string so, always enclose the desired string with double-quotes.

To start writing code, you are not needed to include any header files like C, C++.

For assigning a value in a variable, type bhai ye hai a=5. 

The above lines mean that a=5.

You are not required to specify the type of variable, as bhai lang is a dynamically types language, written in TypeScript.

Here are some code snippets that will clear the idea of this scripting language.


with hi bhai, a programmer has to start writing the code and after finishing the code, do not forget to end the code with bye bhai. 


variables are declared with bhai ye hai

Variable declaration in bhailanguage

Data Types

Numbers and strings are like other programming languages but Null is denoted as nalla. Sahi, Galat is the boolean value notation.

data types bhai language


Bhailang supports simple if-else construct, agar bhai the block will execute if the condition is sahi and warna bhai the block will execute if the condition is galat.

So, that’s all for today’s article, we hope you have understood the concept of awesome BhaiLanaguge. So, why are you waiting for a try now through this link-> Click me

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