How to Save the Deep Gnomes in Grymforge in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, trying to save the Deep Gnomes in Grymforge is a very difficult endeavor. It’s critical to take a specified route because this challenging task necessitates exact steps completed within a set amount of time. In addition to the satisfaction of saving lives, saving the gnomes successfully also holds the prospect of huge benefits in Act 3 when you reunite with them in Baldur’s Gate City. You can follow the instructions in this manual to complete this task successfully and protect the Grymforge Gnomes.

 How to Save the Deep Gnomes in Grymforge in Baldur's Gate 3

Step 1: Safely Accessing the Grymforge

You must first speak with Thulla the Deep Gnome at the Myconid Colony in order to start the mission to save the Deep Gnomes in Grymforge. She implores you to save her friends and directs your attention to the Grymforge, a massive, venerable building that is home to the key to Moonrise Towers.

  • Begin the quest ‘Save the Grymforge Gnomes’ upon meeting Thulla.
  • Secure passage to the Grymforge by engaging with the leader of the beach Druergar. Initiate the ‘Find the Missing Boots’ quest.
  • Journey north to the Myconid Colony and locate the runaway Deep Gnome near the Myconid Sovereign. Pass a [Medicine] check to cure her and receive the Boots of Speed as a reward.
  • Display the Boots of Speed to the Druergar at the Beach, who will direct you to the Grymforge.
  • When questioned by Druergar on the way, inform them you were sent to deliver the boots. Eventually, you’ll gain access to Sergeant Thrinn. Alternatively, eliminate the Beach Duergar and pass relevant checks to access the Grymforge.

Step 2: Freeing True Soul Nere

Upon reaching the Grymforge, locate Sergeant Thrinn, who is trapped behind a wall of rubble. Freeing True Soul Nere is essential to the gnomes’ rescue and the progression of the quest. Be mindful of a time limit that triggers upon approaching Nere’s location.

  • Utilize Smokepowder Satchels to break the barrier blocking Nere. Place two satchels near the rocks and detonate them safely with a fire arrow or fire spell.
  • Smokepowder can be obtained in the Grymforge. Consult Elder Brithvar on the ledge for more information or use Smokepower Bombs.
  • Avoid long rests or traveling twice, as this could result in Nere’s death and subsequently the execution of all gnomes.

Step 3: Obtaining More Explosives

Enhance your arsenal by locating additional explosives in the Grymforge’s secret areas.

  • Descend to the lower level near the port and find a door leading to the Kitchen ruin. Locate a secret button in the back-left corner and trigger a hidden passage.
  • Navigate through the passage, defeat Ochre Jelly enemies, and proceed to an Ornate Door.
  • Inside the temple beyond the door, engage with an escaped Deep Gnome named Philomeen.
  • Through successful Intimidation, Persuasion, or Detect Thoughts checks, convince Philomeen to provide you with a vial of explosives, vital for breaking barriers.

Step 4: Ensuring the Gnomes’ Safety

With explosives in hand, breach Nere’s barrier, triggering his appearance and initiating a crucial choice.

  • When Nere emerges, he may kill a slave. Use Illithid power and pass a Skill Check to alter his decision, compelling him to release the slaves.
  • Completing this action successfully concludes the ‘Save the Grymforge Gnomes’ quest and introduces the ‘Rescue Wulbren’ quest.
  • Interact with the freed Deep Gnomes, who will express gratitude and depart for Baldur’s Gate.

Key Points for Success:

  • Eliminate the Druergar and save Nere within the time limit.
  • Engage Elder Brithvar to gain allies’ assistance against the cult.
  • Ambush the dwarves before freeing Nere for an advantage.
  • Reward: If you save Nere, he will grant you a Lyre, unlocking further opportunities.


A difficult but worthwhile task in Baldur’s Gate 3 is saving the Deep Gnomes in Grymforge. You can traverse the complexities of the mission, make wise judgments, and make sure the gnomes are safe by following this comprehensive guide. By successfully completing the task, you not only assist individuals in need but also earn worthwhile gifts and advance in the game.

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