How to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle || Enter The Ruins || Hogwarts Legacy Puzzle Solution

Have you played the Hogwarts Legacy Video game, and been stuck with Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle? If yes, this is a good place where you will get to know how to solve Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle and enter the ruins. Everyone is attempting to solve all of the game’s puzzles and quests as quickly as they can. Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle and Entering the Ruins are two of these intriguing riddles. In order to figure out How To Enter The Ruins of Hogwarts Legacy, let’s explore how to finish and solve Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle.

Solve Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle || Solution of Sundial Puzzle || How to Enter the Ruins 

Solve Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle

In order to reach the ruin and complete the mission successfully “A Bird in the Hand for Poppy”, you must solve the “Sundial Puzzle Hogwarts Legacy.” Although it appears a little bit tough, this quest is actually rather simple to comprehend once you look closely. It consists of two pillars, a door covered in symbols, and two circles on the ground. There are also various dark and light striations.

Steps to Solve Sundial Puzzle & How to Enter the Ruins Hogwarts Legacy

1. Check the door to see which symbols are lit up in order to begin solving the Hogwarts Legacy Sundial puzzle.

2. We’re referring to the locked entrances to the ruins.

3. They will be surrounded by symbols, two of which will be noticeably brighter. Observe them.

4. Find those two symbols on the ground near the pillars in the following phase.

5. Find the first symbol now, then proceed straight through to the other side.

6. Cast Accio on one of the pillars after that, then shift it directly to the side of the symbol opposite it. There ought to be a circular opening there. And that’s where the pillar needs to go.

7. Next, locate the second symbol and simply carry out the same steps.

8. The door will therefore open once both pillars are in the proper positions! That being stated, we have finished our “Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle Solution, Enter The Ruins” tutorial.

9. After these 8 steps, yo will able to solve the Sundial Puzzle.


You don’t need to know anything else to solve the Sundial Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. By using the Sun’s light and completing the Hogwarts Legacy Sundial puzzle, you can quickly decipher the magical pillar. I wish you much fun as you figure out the Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle and discover how to enter the ruins. We have also posted an article on solving the stone table puzzle of Hogwarts legacy. This is all about Harry Potter legacy Sundial puzzle.

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