Copium Meaning in Twitch chat Explained


Nowadays, Memes are very popular amongst the youth. Today, we are going to talk about a very popular meme Copium is one of the many twitch chat memes.

Copium sounds attractive. Everyone who is using twitch chat, surely familiar with copium. Basically, copium was first discovered on Reddit and then spread to the United States Elections then it came on to the Twitch chat.

On Reddit and Twitch chat everyone is familiar with copium and yeah, not only familiar but also everyone using copium. Its popularity is increasing day by day after the recent United States election. In 2003, when Keak da Sneak’s album “Copium”, was released in the US then copium was first used. The first recorded use of the word on social media platforms and forums was in 2018 when an anonymous 4chan user used the word in the forum /int/. Copium was uploaded by Twitch user COUNCIL as a FrankerFaceZ emoticon. Copium is having its own significance whether it’s very popular emote on Twitch.


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Copium Meaning in Twitch chat Explained

Copium is a portmanteau word that has been created by adding two different words cope and opium. This word is used to convey consolation and self-support messages after defeat. This is a fanciful drug that is taken while facing loss, defeat, sadness, etc. It is most commonly used when ups and downs are coming in politics, sports, and other tribal settings.

As “brunch”, which is a combination between breakfast and lunch in the same way copium is a combination of cope and opium.

Here Cope means, creating an emotional defense to deal with harsh truths and Opium a drug. it is a Twitch chat term that refers to the use of this fictional drug to cope on stream with loss or failure. Copium on Twitch is represented using a Pepe the Frog meme, which shows the character hooked up to a Copium tank. The frog seems sad and full of emotions and it denotes that he is taking opium for facing the defeats.


  • Copium is a popular word in Twitch chat but its origins have a more political undertone that has nothing to do with gaming.
  • The word was originally used in 4chan and it started being used by both left and right-leaning internet users on online forums.
  • The word has spread to all social media platforms and it also exists as a FrankerFaceZ emote.

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Why Copium is Popular on Twitch Chat?

Although copium is available on both Twitch chat and Reddit you can find it the most relevant on Reddit. The word was also known to the users on the subreddit, r/the_meltdown. This subreddit was started in 2016 in order to mock left-leaning internet users upset by Donald Trump’s win.

It was first used on 4chan. Right-leaning Reddit users started to use it heavily, as did other social media platforms like Twitch. Twitch. It looked as though Donald Trump would win the next US presidential election. But Joe Biden won. Copium was used in some emotes, where the original emote/meme had been edited to show Pepe The Frog with a cap that said: “Make America Great Again”.

Urban Dictionary user enterprise1701 posted a definition of Copium. He described it as “a metaphorical opioid inhaled when confronted with loss, failure, or defeat, especially in politics and other tribal settings.” Although it isn’t very popular on Twitch, it is a meme with a lot of history and is being used in a political context since 2016. It was a widely shared meme during the US presidential election.

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