How to earn money using Instagram Badges

Perhaps you heard about Instagram badges but you know, you can use Instagram badges for filling your bank account. How to earn money using Instagram Badges is the topic of today.

Before going to dig out the cave of money you should know about What are Instagram Badges? How to get Instagram live badges? What are the benefits of Instagram Badges? and finally, How to earn money using Instagram Badges?

earn money using instagram badges

 What are Instagram Badges?

Want to monetize your live videos on Instagram? Must go with Instagram Badges. Instagram Badges are about to go mainstream as this is another monetization concept on Instagram.
Basically, Instagram Badges is one and only one specially designed feature for live video support for creators. When you take a badge during a live video, a heart icon appears last to your name in the comments.
The functionality of an Instagram Badge:
  • Badges will not destroy until and unless it has life and will remain next to your name.
  • Hearts remain highlighted during that life in the comment section.
  • Viewer’s Instagram name appears on a list visible to the creator of that live video for up to 90 days.
  • If a person asks the questions during a live stream those questions will be highlighted to the creator.
  • Creators can pin the loved one’s comment.

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Who can use Instagram Badges?

Instagram has just announced that Badges are being rolled out to all eligible creators in the US. So, we hope up to now it has clear to you that Instagram Badges can be used by only citizens of the USA. But maybe in the future other countries will also come up with Instagram Badges.

Instagram Badges will work similarly to the popular apps Twitch and TikTok, which allows followers to “tip” a creator while live stream.

If you wanna know more closely Instagram Badges you can watch the demo hosted by Creator Jon Youshaei to show how the new feature will work.

Instagram’s press release: “Live has helped creators and businesses stay connected to their followers and bring people together [during the pandemic]. With badges, creators can generate income from the content they’re already creating.”

The new feature came with the functionality that allows you to purchase a badge during a Live video that will stand out in the comments and unlock additional features, including placement on a creator’s list of badge holders and access to a special heart.

How to Get Instagram Live Badges

Instagram has announced the Badges during live streams but only in the US. When will other countries gain access to use Instagram Badges, is still not confirmed. But according to sources, it will be available in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, and Mexico soon.

Eligibility for getting Instagram Badges

Instagram Badges are not for all there are some factors to get Instagram Badges:

  • User must have a professional account (creator or business)
  • The only adult can get the Instagram live Badges which means age must be 18 or more than 18 years.
  • Comply with Instagram’s Partner Monetisation Policies and Community Guidelines.
  • The user must be a citizen of the US
  • You should have at least 10K followers

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Benefits of Instagram live badges

The user’s questions will be highlighted on the top if a user purchases a bunch of badges. For more information, you can refer the FAQ’s page of Instagram. You do not need to be sad or bothered about the mistyped query for the creator or you wanna add something to that query or edit, you can do it easily like a youtube comment. We can say Instagram badges are more similar to Youtube comments even your comment, badges, the name can be pinned by the creator and that will be highlighted to the public until the creator wants.

Instagram doesn’t allow multiple comment pinning and states that “only one comment can be pinned by a creator at a time.” The creator will also get notifications if a viewer manages to reach special support levels for their channel. Once you purchase a badge during an Instagram live, Instagram will send you a thanks notification with celebratory heart icons.

You will be notified via thanking notification if you purchase three or more badges during an Instagram live, and your profile photo will glow in the comments during that live video.”

How to earn money using Instagram Badges?

live stream creators can turn on badges and start earning from live videos. Follow the below-listed steps one by one:

Step 1: Go to “Profile,” now move on to “Professional dashboard,” click on “Grow your business,” now select “Badges.”

Step 2: Once you’ve been onboarded, head to the Live tab on stories. Tap the “badges” icon on the left side of your “Going live” screen. Confirm that you want badges turned on, add a title, and go live.


This was all about a new feature of Instagram that is called Instagram Badges, a new as well as an awesome monetization opportunity for live creators. So, if you are in the category of creators and a citizen of the USA, you should follow this feature to get started with earning.

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