Play Store Website is Redesigning By Google

After a long time, Google is going to redesign the websites of the Android play store. It is something that needs much for the google play store. Google play store’s web version is not much updated in recent years.

Play Store

As per the reports of Android Police, redesigning process starts from the side of Google and but not available for all. Some users get to chance the to encounter new interface of the google play store for various locations like Taiwan and Korea. Notwithstanding, Google upgraded Play Store goes from the old look (from the beginning of Material Design) to what exactly has all the earmarks of being the current Play Store configuration exploded for bigger showcases. It by and large looks great, in spite of the fact that it truly seems as though the portable Play Store loosened up for huge screens on individual application pages.


However, there’s not a ton to say about the new Play Store plan past that it’s advanced, for better and more regrettable. There’s presently a route bar along the top for exchanging among applications and games. The Google account switcher in the upper right corner presently conceals a menu with admittance to memberships, request history and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


The Games page highlights auto-playing trailers, there are scrollable screen capture displays and that’s just the beginning. Lamentably, a few parts of the new plan don’t work, probably because of the Play Store update being a work-in-progress still.


This redesigning process of Google playstore is in testing mode. So if you are thinking that you haven’t got the update then please wait for some time. Google rolls out everything in its own way.

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