What is Showreel? How to Download Showreel?

Recently heard Showreel? but don’t know what exactly showreel is? For answering your queries we are here. This article will let you know What is Showreel? How to download Showreel?

Basically, Showreel is a video conveying virtual platform just launched by Sabeer Bhatia. Sabeer Bhatia is an Indian – American tech entrepreneur also co-founder of Hotmail, which was later acquired by tech giant Microsoft. The headquarter of the Showreel is in silicon Valley, California.

What is Showreel?


The agenda behind developing and releasing Showreel is that this app will provide job opportunities for all job seekers all over the world. Showreel works with the aim of upskilling and employment around the globe. The whole services will be provided via the internet there is no real-world scenario. As we can upload and watch videos on Tik-Tok or Instagram, Showreel also works the same but the difference is Tik-Tok and Instagram are entertaining applications while Showreel focuses on professional purposes.

Although the app has launched by the company but still it is operating in Beta mode. The application has been developed by a team of 20 people based in India and is available for both Android as well as Apple users.

As we have already cleared that showreel is the app for professionals and it brings the job seekers and job providers on the same platform so that they can connect virtually. The motive of showreel is to increase employment and upskilling opportunities for job seekers across the globe at some of the leading companies. Like Linkedin, HR can directly connect you sometimes as it has some of the top recruiters who are looking out for top talented brains for their companies. Instead of textual resumes the app generally simplifies a person’s hiring process with video resumes. This will prove good for your personality development also.

How Does it Work?

If you are a job seeker, Showreel can be the best platform for getting your dream job. Everybody knows “First impression is the last impression”. but why we are saying this at this time? Well, because on Showreel your first impression is your own Profile. So always remember to update and maintain your Profile with all your good achievements and experiences. Users on Showreel can access the best companies and find the best-suited job as per their profile, claims the company. Moreover, job seekers are allowed to create professional videos of themselves in response to questions posted by mentors or hiring companies. The app then stitches these responses together to create a professional ShowReel.

Start your showreel with the below-listed points-
• Create a Professional ShowReel that makes your professional career stand out.
• Create a Personal ShowReel that shows your personality.
• Create a Startup ShowReel that delivers your Startup Idea.
• Create a Leadership ShowReel that lets them know about your leadership skills.


How to download Showreel?

For every job seeker, Showreel is going to be a boon for finding their dream job. Now, it’s not the time to waste anymore. Let us know about Hw to download the showreel app and start cracking companies.

This is how you can download the showreel app.

  1. Whether you are an android user or an IOS user, Just go on the Google play store or Apple Store respectively.
  2. Search for Showreel.
  3. The first app ShowReel: Empowered Dialogue. Tap on it.
  4. Press the install or download button.
  5. Downloading will be started soon and depends on your data speed.
  6. Once, the app has been downloaded, open the app.
  7. You will find here Sabeer’s pre-recorded video in which he explains what Showreel is and how to create a video profile of oneself.
  8. Now, create your account by filling in the important details including your name, email address, password.
  9. Once the account has been set up, create your glowing profile. Make sure to create an impressive profile that lets you go into a company.
  10. Now, enjoy your professional journey with HR and Companies.


That’s all, know you know everything about the Showreel including its downloading process and How to use Showreel. If you still have doubts do not hesitate to put the comment in the comment section. Make sure to use this professional video messaging app wisely.



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