What is Linkedin Service Marketplace? How to use it as a Freelancer

What is Linkedin Service Marketplace? How to use it as a Freelancer? If you are a freelancer so here is a piece of awesome news for you. Now you can earn money by not only selling your creative projects on Upwork and Fiverr but also on Linkedin Marketplace. Yes, you read it absolutely right. Up to now, Linkedin helped developers and professionals a lot but noticing the traffic of engineers and Freelancers on Linkedin to show off their programming as well as development skills Linkedin start a separate platform for freelancing.

What is Linkedin Service Marketplace? How to use it as a Freelancer

Why did Linkedin Service Marketplace come into the picture?

Actually, There are various types of freelancers and that have numerous platforms to connect with potential employers, in addition to Upwork and Fiverr but as Freelancing is on-demand nowadays, it stands to reason that the number of platforms for freelancers should also be increased. That’s why Linkedin decided to give Linkedin Service Marketplace as a Freelancing platform to finding projects and payment for your own project.

What is Linkedin Service Market-Place?

LinkedIn’s Service Marketplace is a new online platform that allows freelancers to search the projects, get paid for their projects, and advertise their services or development skills for short-term or freelance jobs. If you want to get benefits of Linkedin’s service marketplace so you can simply set up a freelance profile that can help recruiters find and contact you for projects. And you will get paid for your projects and services via a digital wallet offered by Microsoft.

By offering this new service to freelancers, it makes sense that LinkedIn, the most successful professional social networking site, would set its eyes on making a marketplace that allows freelancers to connect with companies looking for contracts.

While Linkedin aims to provide the desired job for every skilled and deserving professional and LinkedIn Marketplace has the agenda to connect freelancers with contract opportunities and get them paid with satisfactory amounts for their offerings.

Recently, a spokesperson commented in Fortune:

In the future, we’ll be building new ways to share more about the services you [could] offer directly through your LinkedIn profile.

With this twinkling initiative of LinkedIn Marketplace, LinkedIn has become the competitor of both Upwork and Fiverr, publicly-traded online freelance job boards.

The Linkedin service marketplace is expected to have similar features to both competitors, but with LinkedIn and its amazing services may be Linkedin will win the race of threes.

How Does LinkedIn Marketplace Work?

LinkedIn Marketplace is still in development, but a pro never waits for launching, we have a few key factors that will help you to gear up your plans and strategies for this new Freelancing Place.

Whatever news we have collected, we came to know that the marketplace will mainly focus on consulting, discussing, writing, marketing, and graphic design.

  • Freelancers will get paid via a digital wallet offered by Microsoft.
  • The digital wallet would be an extended paid content of Linkedin Network.LinkedIn Marketplace will mimic much of LinkedIn ProFinder.While we assume much of the functionality will be similar to that of its predecessor, ProFinder, with its upcoming release, the defining details of LinkedIn Marketplace have yet to be identified.

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How to use LinkedIn Marketplace for Freelancing

Whether you’re a first-time Freelancer or have years of experience in Freelancing we only want to help you succeed in every market place whether it is the newest marketplace for contract workers or already existing like Upwork and Fiverr.

Follow, the below listed four steps to set up or get started with freelancing on LinkedIn Marketplace.

1. Create a Portfolio of Work-

Whether your resume glows, a corporeal work portfolio shines. If you still do not have a faster way to show off your skills in front of companies or a person who wants to make a project from you, it’s a great time to gather all the skills, knowledge, experiences, projects in a single and superb portfolio. Basically, Besides a resume, a portfolio is a short and amazing way to show off the skills you have. You can create your portfolio on a web page. Whether you are a perfect content writer or graphic designer or web designer you can easily tell people about you and your skills.

Here are some tips that make you stand out from Mob Mantality.

  • Always put your best work first.
  • Include a detailed caption about your positive outcome, your role in a team project, a brief description of the scope of technology you used in your project, Client name, and industry.
  • Never be Fake(Do Not Mention lie)

2. Set Competitive Prices

As you are a freelancer, it’s just like a business right!. To get more projects you can do one thing, you can highlight your price with the comparison of others. Always use to mention how much time, cost you will take and how much value of work you will give to your customer. And also try to finish your work before your given time, it makes more sense to you for getting new work and high stipend.

3. Optimize Your Website

You don’t want, when contract companies take a look at your LinkedIn Marketplace profile, it’s unlikely they’ll stop there? Showing them that you’re the best suitable person to get a high-paying freelancing gig, make sure to optimize your personal websites and portfolio.

Here are some recommendations to avail the benefits

  1. Create a headline that tells about you and your work. Try to use a one-liner or short headline.
  2. Attach a professional photo of yourself so that visitors can find you the real person.
  3. Start a blog to showcase your strengths and industry awareness.
  4. Always have client testimonials.
  5. Post feedback and ratings from your clients. ( It should be up to the marks).

4. Market Yourself

Whether it is a product to sell or projects developed by your marketing is the key to getting success in every marketplace. You can earn some bonus client quotes and testimonials by marketing your skills on social media platforms. Linkedin itself is the most effective platform to do so.

The above tips will surely help you to acquire jobs and references from potential employees that will boost your credibility at the time of building your LinkedIn Marketplace profile.

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