How to earn money from Dailyhunt Creator

How to earn money from Dailyhunt, in today’s article we are going to tell you the ways to earn from the daily hunt. Although, there are various ways to earn money online like you can earn money from quora, Vimeo, youtube, youtube shorts, online applications. We have already a separate section of earnings on our blog you can easily checkout. Also, check our below-listed article so that you can earn money by doing work from home.

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What is Dailyhunt

Basically, Dailyhunt is a news publishing app founded by Virendra Gupta in 2009 where people read the news on daily basis. Now daily hunt has changed its policies and created a new type of application namely DH Creator Dailyhunt where ordinary people can earn money by simply publishing the news. Currently, daily hunt provides you the content in a total of 14 languages so that other countries people can also read the news easily.

On DH Creator Dailyhunt anyone can publish the news by just creating an account on DH creator. There are 50M+ users of DH creator Dailyhunt.

Must-Know Facts about Dailyhunt

  1. In Daily hunt, you have to first create an account then you have to approve this account for publishing the posts.
  2. “Without approval, there is no earning”.
  3. Meanwhile, news comes into the picture, daily hunt notifies you instantly, so that it can keep its users up to date.
  4. If you read an article related to health, never implement it without consulting the doctor.
  5. There are several types of notifications that come from Daily Hunt, if you find some irrelevant notifications, simply ignore them.
  6. Every day more than 30,000 articles are published on Daily hunt.
  7. Fortunate companies Google and Microsoft funded more than 100 million for the start-up of Dailyhunt.
  8. Daily, more than 1000 news agencies have published the news and content.
  9. On the daily hunt, you can read the content in 14 languages like Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, etc.
  10. In 2015, the news hunt replaced its name with the Daily hunt.
  11. Daily hunt earns its most profit through displaying ads.

How to earn money from Dailyhunt?

To start earning from Daily hunt you should have to follow the below steps one by one. If you follow all steps, you will be able to earn 10-15K per month.

  1. First of all, create your creator account on DH creator.
  2. Then, fill in the required information about the account profile, payment information.
  3. Now, in 1 to 7 days your creator account will be approved by Daily hunt.
  4. After approving the account, you are able to publish your news, content but remember your articles must be unique, not plagiarized in any condition.
  5. Your earning will start according to your views and likes.
  6. This is how you can earn money from Daily hunt.

Always keep in mind, your article must be of very good quality, 100% unique, written in very simple and effective language. So that you can earn money from Dailyhunt.

One important thing to note here is that your article must contain 500 words and you can post 5 to 7 posts per day.

How to create an account in DH creator in Daily hunt?

if you want to earn money from daily hunt so you can start with creating an account of DH creator.

  1. Go to the official website of Dailyhunt creator click this->  
  2. You will see below the type of interface.

How to earn money from Dailyhunt


3. Now, choose to Sign In with a mobile number or you can either choose with Google or Facebook.

Earn money from daily hunt


4. After signing in with your mobile number, you will come on to the dashboard from where you can manage your account.

earn money from Daily hunt

       5. Now, to publish an article, click on Create Post.

6. Now, a dialogue box will pop up in front of you.

can we earn money from daily hunt

      7. Choose your preference to post.

8. And voila! it’s done, start to write your post and use it same in the future. But remember until approval by Daily hunt you can only write the post but not publish them.

How much amount of money do we get while a post crosses the 1000 views?

On Daily hunt, after 1000 views on a post you can earn up to 10 to 20 rupees for that post. Of course, this is not too much money but yeah1 it’s more than UC browser income.

Let’s say you post 1-2 posts daily and get 500-700 views per day so you can earn up to 2-3 dollars per week. This is enough for our small spending. We can’t earn up to lakhs like YouTubers but we can earn 15000 per month for sure.


We have already discussed the steps of How to earn money using daily hunt. If you really want to make money on a daily hunt, so you have to show honesty with excellence. Always remember to get approved by the daily hunt team. Only after approval, you will be able to earn money from dailyhunt.  In short, first, go to the daily hunt official website and then create your account. After creating an account sign up on daily hunt creator by using your phone number or google account or Facebook account. Choose your preference to write on and start writing. Wait until you will not get approval. Once, you are approved by dailyhunt publish your posts and start to earn money from dailyhunt.

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