How to earn money online from Vimeo

If you’ve wondered on seeing the title of this article ‘How to make money from Vimeo and are you thinking that really it is possible or not so the short answer is “YES”, you can make money from Vimeo or Vimeo OTT.

How to earn money online from vimeo


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Ever since Vimeo or Vimeo OTT has been launched, we can see a flood of YouTube video creators selling their videos on these platforms. On Vimeo much, great work is being shared, bought, and sold on and the most important thing creators earn from their video creation.

If you’re also creating videos like, on YouTube platforms but want to earn more money from them without drenching them in ads so, you can sell through either Vimeo or Vimeo OTT. These two services have helped thousands of people to make money online. You can create videos of any domain you are interested in like funny, educational, tech information, and much more.

It might happen that you are not familiar with Vimeo so, this is our duty to give you the whole information related to your query.

Vimeo is an online platform for sharing videos. It was launched in the year 2004 by a bunch of filmmakers. Afterward, the platform has grown to over 80 million creators — most of the artists in the field of animation, films, series, music, and other works of art — who’ve been able to use Vimeo as a way to share their videos for making money from Vimeo. Nowadays we must say that Vimeo has become a competitor to YouTube.

Vimeo is different from YouTube because of its “artsy” distinctiveness. It can’t to say that creators shouldn’t promote their work besides Vimeo like on YouTube, because they can if their audience is there.

It’s just that YouTube is so huge that it encompasses everything you could point a camera at. Vimeo, on the other hand, is very much famous specifically for creative artistry — not casual vloggers, people who like to create tech tutorials or gamers who like to show off their gaming skills.

 How to make money from Vimeo

Vimeo is offering several different options for people who want specific storage and feature needs. Below is a brief analysis:

Earn Money from Vimeo-Vimeo Free:-

You can sign up right now on Vimeo for free. In the free sign up you get a pretty limited selection of features and just 500MB of storage space per week for videos you want to upload. You can also upgrade your plan anytime. Basically, the free account is recommended for starters who aren’t too serious about content creation.

Vimeo Plus:-

Plus membership of Vimeo is about 7 dollars/month if paid yearly or 12 dollars/month when paid monthly, with a limit of 5GB storage per week. You can also get unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player and a bunch of other stuff that basic members don’t have access to.

Vimeo Pro:-

Vimeo Pro is for professionals. It’s about $20 in a month (if paid annually) offers excellent, high-quality pictures for your videos. Also get 20GB of storage in a week, no bandwidth limit, Pro statistics, and many more.

Get two more premium plans for businesses and advanced video needs.

Making Videos for Vimeo:

Below are some of the best ever features Vimeo offers to its artists:
Uploader: Choose a video or mp4 file from your computer storage, google drive, dropbox, etc and easily upload it on Vimeo and make money from Vimeo.


Vimeo offers you to add a music track from its music library to any of your videos, many of which are free to use but not all.


Collections: –

You can add your best videos to your own albums, channels, portfolio or groups.


Creative Commons Videos:

Vimeo has a partly section of users’ videos that are Creative Commons licensed, which means that you can use them legally for your own work.

Video Stats:-

You can measure how many plays your videos get, which videos are played many times, and all your comments.


Video School:

Vimeo offers you tutorials and lessons on how to create the best videos to make money using the Vimeo app.


Music Store:

Explore through all of the music tracks present in vimeo library that you can use with your videos and put them together by using the Enhancer tool.

Tip Jar:

 Now Vimeo has introduced the “tip jar” for content creators, which offers them to accept small cash payments from viewers who wish to tip for appreciation of your work.


Sell Videos:

This feature is for upgraded members only, which allows you to sell your own videos as part of Vimeo’s On-Demand feature.



So, by now we have covered all the important tips to make money from Vimeo. Now, let’s take a summary of the whole article:

Vimeo is a platform on which you just have to upload your videos either it is related to video gaming, tech tutorials, educative or funny, and try to promote your video to make money from vimeo.

To start your journey you have to first sign up on the Vimeo app or website. There are three types of plans you can select any one of them as per your choice. We recommend you select a free plan if you are just starting or want to take a look at how you can make money from Vimeo. If you have some experience so you can upgrade your subscription plan into plus membership. After getting a membership Vimeo will offer you all of its crazy and cool features that help you to make money and popularity over the internet.

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