Top 4 Best Apps to Learn Perl Programming Language

Hey Reader!! We have come back with an amazing article on the Top 5 free resources to learn Perl programming. If you are one of them who is searching for good resources to learn Perl programming so you are in the very right place. So, without any further delay, let’s move to the point.

What is Perl programming?

Basically, Perl is a High-Level programming language not a scripting language. It was invented by Larry Wall in the year 1987. Perl contains a large catalog of system administration, text manipulation and now Perl is also used for web development, Network programming, GUI development.

It is a fixed, cross-platform programming language. It is used for mission-critical projects in the public and private sectors. It is an Open-source software, and also listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. Perl is both procedure and object-oriented programming knowledge. It can work with HTML, XML, etc. Perl is not a compiler-based language, it is an interpreted language.

So, we have taken enough information about Perl Programming language. Now, without any delay let’s know about the tools or resources, and mobile applications by which you can learn Perl.

How much time is needed to learn Perl?

To learn the basics and start writing basic programs, it is enough to spend three months. By assumption, you are spending at least an hour daily.

A key difference between Python and Perl is that while Python was designed to have a limited number of ways to perform a task, while Perl was designed with the philosophy of “There’s more than one way to do it”. This means you may take more time to learn the basics of Perl in comparison to Python.

Now let’s look at PERL Language Learning Apps:-

1. GeeksForGeeks

2. Udemy


4. Programming hub

1.Best Apps to Learn Perl-   GeeksForGeeks:

Best Apps to Learn Perl

Basically, GFG or geeksforgeeks is a free programming portal for computer science students but, there are some foundation courses as well. If we talk about how popular GFG is, so let me let you that for every computer science student 80% depends on GFG only. Whether they want to learn any programming language or Data structure & Algorithms or any computer science subject they first choose GFG.

GFG provides the best as well as deep content you just have to dedicate yourself to learn something. If you have a laptop or desktop so I suggest you to go on the website by clicking here and have a look at what they are offering Ah, I must say what they are not offering because “Cheenti se lekar Hathi tak, SV hai inke pass”. You can start to learn Perl from here.

Find it on Google Play Store.

2. Best Apps to Learn Perl- Udemy:-

Best Apps to Learn Perl

Who is not familiar with udemy nowadays. But, if you are not familiar with so let me introduce you to Udemy. Basically, udemy is an e-learning platform for the peoples all over the world. There are two types of courses they are offering first one is free without certification and the other one is paid with certification. There is plenty of courses on a single topic, you can choose any of them by using filters like ratings, price, duration, difficulty level, etc.
There are every type of course like web development, programming, Perl, management courses, business-related courses, and many more. This is again available in the form of a website and mobile application.

Download the app from Google Play Store and App Store.

3. Best Apps to Learn Perl-

Best Apps to Learn Perl is a website + application which is also providing the best content related to technologies, programming, coding, development, etc.

They are offering the single course in three levels beginner, intermediate, advance. It is also free and paid.

Go to or download the app from Google Play Store.

4. Best Apps to Learn Perl-  Programming Hub:

Best Apps to Learn Perl

Programming hub is also an amazing resource to learn programming or any other technical subject. They offer more than 50 languages at a very minimum price and also give you a course completion certificate.

Teaching methods are really different on this app they first teach you in small-small segments so that you will not forget it, and then hand to hand they will test your skills on basis of how much you learned just now. You can read the line-by-line theory or open their mic that will speak for you whatever is written on the screen. More than 5M peoples have already downloaded it.

Download it from Google Play Store and App Store.

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