5 Best FPS Games for Android 2021

First-person shooter games are the most popular among in all of the gaming console Well, PC gamers aren’t the only having fun by playing FPS games in their Pc. If you are an android user so, here are the best 10 FPS games for Android in 2021.


5 Best FPS Games for Android 2021


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FPS games (first-person shooters) are the most exciting as well as enjoying game categories out there. It is a very famous game genre since this Covid Period. In addition to this, several high-value games in the market have come from it, including Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Destiny, and much more.

It might happen that you will, believe it or not, there is actually a large supply of FPS games for Android, you can dig into. Sounds thrilling? Ok! So, without any further delay let’s dig into the best 5 FPS games for android.


Android FPS games 2021

Most of these games require only a semi-decent device to playing the fps games continuously. These games require having good graphics, high speed of the Internet, and data usage. Below is the list of Top 5 fps games for android-


Top FPS games for Android


1. Call of Duty: Mobile

2. Modern Combat 5

3. PUBG Mobile

4. Hitman Sniper

5. Neon Shadow

Although we have a large collection of the Best fps games to play on mobile in this article we will throw light on the best 5 fps games for android.


1. Android FPS Games- BestCall of Duty: Mobile-

5 Best FPS Games for Android 2021


Call of Duty: Mobile is totally free for playing on your android or smartphone all you need to play this game is, you have to first download this game on your mobile phone. It had made the biggest game launch in gaming history. This game is totally designed as people want to play for enjoyment, overall graphics, speed of the game are superb.

It’s an impartially standard online FPS shooter game with regular PvP and 100-player battle royale mode as well. The regular PvP includes the standard deathmatch along with some iterations. Players can also handle their gear and can unlock more stuff by playing better than before. Even It is a new game launched into most FPS games but it’s had become one of the biggest exciting FPS games in all of mobile gaming.

Download the game from Google Play Store.

2.Android FPS Games- Modern Combat 5:-

5 Best FPS Games for Android 2021


Modern Combat 5 is also one of the most popular and exciting streams of FPS games on mobile or android. The game houses some adequate graphics, genres of content, online multiplayer, and many more features. Modern Combat 5 is the best fps game for android really it is very smooth and does not hang your mobile while playing this game.

This game is much popular among fps games players and it is a guarantee that there is always someone online to play with or against to you.

It also comes with a campaign mode, 6 different character categories that you can level up and customize as per your choice, and support for hardware controllers. It allows you to have a very solid experience.

Get the game on Google Play Store.

3.Android FPS Games-PUBG Mobile:-

5 Best FPS Games for Android 2021


PUBG Mobile is a very popular FPS game on android and PC. Although this game was banned by the Indian Government it has been re-launched as it is made in India game.

In this game, you will drop onto an island with 100 total players. And your aim is to be the last one left standing. There are various features like gear, weapons, and vehicles strewn about the map as well. Additionally, the mechanics of this game is more than average, even it is a mobile FPS game. There are also some decent PUBG Mobile clones as well.

Download the PUBG Mobile right now click me.


4.Android FPS Games-Hitman Sniper:-

5 Best FPS Games for Android 2021


Hitman: Sniper is one of the most antique FPS online games for android. Your character is roosted outside of a building, looking in with a sniper rifle. Your task is to take out the various targets without anyone knowing about your location.

The game contains 150+ missions, several sniper rifles to unlock, leaderboards, and it also has strategy elements. Basically, it is inexpensive and full of a lot of fun.

Get it on Google Play Store.


5.Android FPS Games-Neon Shadow:-

5 Best FPS Games for Android 2021


Neon Shadow is a first-person shooter game where you play as a special soldier (who looks very similar to Halo’s Master Chief) who has to save humanity from an attack of the ‘mechanoids’.

The game features a single-player campaign and you can enjoy three different difficulty levels in this game. Throughout this campaign, you have to beat many levels plagued with cybernetic enemies. Luckily you have a good set of weapons to deploy in the face of this bluster. The graphics of this game is just amazing.



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