Best Indian Super Apps

Best Indian super apps, What is the super app? Why super apps? In today’s article, we will see the answers to all the former questions.

What is Super App?

best indian super apps

Till 2019, India was not aware of Super Apps. But since 2021, we found that India and India’s most fortune companies are taking an interest to develop super apps. Why they should not? as super apps provide all-in-one services as we can chat, book tickets, make payments, bill pay, cab booking, Food ordering, shopping, etc. Before the Covid-19 we all generally use to make offline payments, offline shopping, or we can say most of the work was related to hand touch right. But since this pandemic not only China, America, France, Switzerland become aware of this pandemic but also India has been aware of this. That’s why India has already taken a step forward to make Super apps in India. If we summarize it so the trend of Super apps has made the buzzword in India.

Until now, we have Paytm as an Indian super app. Moreover, recently the big brand company TATA Consultancy Services has announced that it is also going to launch a new super app which is called TATA’S Super Neu App. We have already 2 articles written over there. If you wanna know about them so please follow the below links:

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A super app is a virtual application invented by a business or a company that can be used to deliver a variety of features under one roof. For example, China’s WeChat, which was started as a purpose of chatting only but now it has included purchases & shopping of various items, cab booking, food ordering, etc., all the services in a single app make it really a Super App.

We can say, In today’s market Super apps are working as a virtual mall that would provide shopping space for different brands and shops across industries and different verticals.

These kinda applications combined with multiple functionalities, including social networking, e-commerce, financial services, and goods distribution.

A super app is just like an umbrella that provides you with various services at a time. You can either purchase an item, ticket book, or cab, billing, make payments, chat, etc with the help of a single app(Super Apps) now you don’t need to move to another app to do another task.

Who makes super apps?

Basically, the companies or organizations that have a quag of services and products to offer to tend to merge these offerings into a super app or all-in-one app.

The thought of making super apps first came to China’s mind so they decided to create the Wechat application as the first super app in addition to GoJek, Grab. By making these apps super app they use to leverage the opportunity of customer traffic on their platforms that actually came for social media and communication enjoyment by offering these customers additional services leading to increase revenue.

Which companies in India are building super apps?

In this already crowded super app ecosystem in India, now TATA Group will be an entrant they are going to launch their own super app in the last of 202 or most probably at the starting of the new year 2022. Nowadays, the Jio umbrella owned by Reliance Industries is offering various services such as shopping, groceries, payments, streaming, ticket bookings, cloud storage services, etc.

Moreover, Paytm has already put steps towards being a super app and it is providing the services like payments, ticket bookings, gameplay, online shopping, banking, finance, Online transactions, etc into one app. Now, Flipkart also has collaborated up with companies such as Ola Cabs, Swiggy, Grofers, AJio, Decathlon, Delhi Metro,, etc to offer these services from within its own app.

Core Services Offerings by Super Apps

Most of the successful super apps focus on the following core service offerings:

  1. Network Messaging/ Social Media.
  2. Digital Payments
  3. E-Grocery/Foodtech/ Hyperlocal delivery
  4. E-Mobility
  5. E-Tailing
  6. Search Engine/ Telecom/ OTT

Best Indian Super Apps:

  • Paytm
  • TATA NEU Super App


Alee Baba investee Paytm has been made a payments-led super-app which is offering a heavy bucket of intuitive, innovative digital products and services such as it allows the customers to have digital wallets, bank accounts, buy-now-pay-later and wealth management accounts, and major third-party instruments, such as debit and credit cards and net banking. We can say Paytm has already started to work as a Neo Bank. Paytm is available across the country with Paytm Karo that indicates hundreds of millions of Indian consumers, merchants, businessmen/women, shopkeepers, and small businesses to use Paytm and save time and get cashback and many more benefits of it. Paytm helps Merchants to use in-store and online payment solutions to accept payments through Paytm Payment Instruments as well as major third-party payment methods.

TATA Neu Super App:

TATA Neu super app allows you to purchase groceries, railway tickets, clothes, dressing, fitness equipment, ticket booking, cab booking, etc. TATA group has invested approximately 5100 crore Indian rupee to make it a super app. From the ending of 2021 or starting of 2022 TATA’s Super app will be available for us.

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