YouTube Shorts Monetization: How to Earn Money From Youtube Shorts?


YouTube Shorts Monetization: How to Earn Money Youtube Shorts?

Wanna know how to earn money from Youtube shorts? Yes, you heard it right. One can easily earn money from youtube shorts. In this article, we will tell you ways to earn money. Of course, some people have doubts that how to monetize youtube shorts? Unfortunately, Google has not offered any services to monetize youtube shorts. But still, people are getting pennies from youtube shorts so let’s get started.

Ways to Earn Money from Youtube Shorts

There is a very clear thing about Youtube shorts, one cannot earn much money from Youtube shorts but still, people can earn money from youtube shorts. Basically, Youtube shorts allows you to have more traffic than normal regular video which help to generate more views in the regular videos.

1. Revenue by Advertisment:

This is the default way to earn money from Youtube with regular videos. Having the advertisement on regular videos will make funds according to views. The more videos you have on the channel more money you can earn. In this view, Youtube shorts can help you to get more subscribers which results in more views on regular or normal videos of youtube.

2. Earn By Making Sponsored Video:

Suppose you have more than 50k+ traffic per day on your youtube channel. Your content especially centered on technical things. Then you can make some sponsored vide for some gadgets reviews or tech reviews. Or people can reach out to you to make one. Of course, this one also works with youtube shorts. You can promote some gadgets in shorts to earn money. At the point when you become an influencer, you can get related with numerous associations and organizations to advance their items and benefits, and make money on shorts.

3. Super Chats and Coins:

Basically in this way, you need to have a large following on your channel. And you can earn money by highlighting their comments and chats.

4. Youtube Premium:

One can make some captivating and entertaining videos that are only accessible for the YouTube Premium individuals. Since these supporters have bought YouTube Premium participation, the real-time stage shares the benefit it gets from such clients with you.

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The methodologies talked about above can assist you with bringing in cash with YouTube. As you would have seen, YouTube Shorts is excluded from the rundown. This is on the grounds that, at the hour of this composition, YouTube doesn’t allow you to earn money from Shorts recordings that you distribute on the stage, paying little mind to the source the clients see those videos from.


Youtube still not allows monetizing the youtube shorts videos platform. You can only earn money from the regular video but you can gain subscribers from their which results in getting more views on regular videos i.e. earn more revenue. But who knows, in the future, Google maybe rolls out the monetization feature of shorts and shorts still in the beta phase. So don’t lose hope and keep creating more engaging content.

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