What Is Gumroad and How to earn money from it?

Gumroad is currently a hot topic these days. Well, this article clears the topics including What is Gumroad and How to earn money from it? moreover how to earn money from Gumoad, etc.

Gumroad is a kind of online marketplace that will help you to understand what your need to start selling digital products online?

Gumroad was invented in 2011 and it was invented by a creator for the creators. Sahil Lavingia, a Pinterest designer is considered to be the father of Gumroad. Actually, he invented Gumroad while he was searching for the solution to his problem. His problem was he wanted to sell icons(created by him) to the customers but directly selling is such a difficult task. He didn’t want to open a new and separate big store or website to sell his products so he created a solution to his problem within 5-6 days only. His requirement was only a quick link his customers could follow to complete the transaction.

What Is Gumroad?


Gumroad is an online marketplace where you can find anything to everything. This is not required to list only specific niche things, you can list anything you want. The whole process of buying and selling is pleasantly straightforward and transparent.

Till now, approximately 98,994 plus creators have made benefit from their work through the marketplace for over $536M collectively. It’s not a big deal to find creators who work in that niche you can think of, from education to music, sports to comedy. Even dance and theater enthusiasts have now space on Gumroad.

What Can We Sell/Buy on Gumroad?

Earn money from Gumroad

While you are planning to sell your products on Gumroad, usually, downloadable products. Apps, eBooks, videos, graphics, music, plans, and printables may come to mind as we see their scope in our day-to-day life. In addition to these, you can find decore ideas also like DIY furniture templates, digital and printable art, brushes and icons you can use in your creations, and much more.

Almost everyone is running after selling downloadable products. Moreover, you can also list memberships and physical products on Gumroad.

Who Can Sell Products on Gumroad?

Gumroad says, “if you can make stuff, you can sell that stuff on Gumroad.” This means if you have a passion for creation you can use this passion for money-making also, by just selling your creation on Gumroad.

You can start selling within a minute, All you need to do is sign up on the website. You are not required to be tech-proficient or possess design skills to create your landing page. Therefore, almost anyone can join Gumroad except for some limitations from payment processors.

Currently, creators in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK can benefit from direct bank deposits. Additionally, any country where residents can receive payment via PayPal can sell on the site. Gumroad is working on extending this list, so if your country isn’t there yet, keep checking back.

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Earn Money from Gumroad

Your effort must be required to push your product outside the platform. Same as other online marketplaces, you are required to put in some work to promote your product outside the platform. If you do not know that how can you promote your brand no worries, Gumroad offers you plenty of tips on how to do so. Their helping tools help you to increase your audience, from importing contacts to content workflows and analytics. For the stable traffic of audience, all need an extra hand, challenges, programs, and resources like Gumroad University are available to help get you started.

Once you find your audience, your earning will start instantly but remember to increase gradually.

Another and important as well as interesting point to note, Gumroad doesn’t show your competitor’s products at the bottom of your items listing in a “you may also like”. On Gumroad, Your page is all about your products and it will show your products only.

Benefits of Using Gumroad

In this pandemic era, it’s good to sell products online instead of offline. Like StoreEnvy it’s a simple and handy way you can open your online marketplace. You can personalize your landing page in your manner, helping you to show outstanding performance amongst competitors.

You have full control over your landing page, Listing and payment options also give you more control over what you sell. Gumroad allows you to create one list with multiple versions of a product at different prices. You can offer a simple discount code to your customers. Moreover, the platform allows you to use multiple currencies besides ofUS dollars.

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