Top 6 Best Diwali Games

Hey champ, Diwali is coming! Why don’t you enjoy this Diwali in a unique way? Don’t say you don’t know how to celebrate Diwali uniquely as we are going to give you some awesome games as a Diwali gift. We all know in India Diwali celebration is the most awaited festival for children so for that we have listed out some best Diwali games to make this Diwali really enjoyable.

All you need to do is just download the below-listed game and enjoy the fun with your friends. These games are related to crackers, decoration, recipes of different sweets, and many more. Moreover,  these games are not only for kids but also adults can enjoy these games in house decoration, firecrackers, etc. If you really want to enjoy this Diwali so stay tuned with this article as in this article we gonna share with you 6 best Diwali games.

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6 Best Diwali Games for free:

1. Best Diwali Game- Diwali Firecrackers Simulator:

Best Diwali Game

Diwali Firecrackers Simulator game-Diwali game permits you to select a variety of firecrackers, rockets, and background themes. It is the one of most realistic Diwali games for Indian Kids where a child can try the explosion of fireworks, rockets with unique boom sound effects plus visual effects. From where you are in India doesn’t matter as there are several region themes all around India so you can select your own theme. You will feel like a real bombing sound explosion of firecrackers without polluting the air and making noise. That’s why this game is completely eco-friendly and has a 4+ star rating on Google Play Store.

Key Features:

  • Play for free anywhere anytime.
  • Overloaded Fun, attractive UI.
  •  User-friendly as well as easy to play.
  •  Extraordinary sound effects.
  • 100+ awesome physics-based crackers.

Download the game now 

2. Best Diwali Game- Diwali Cracker Simulator:

Best Diwali Games

As Diwali is India’s most important festival we can celebrate Diwali festivals in many types like earthen lamps at our house, drawing Rangoli with Colors and Gulal, the explosion of crackers, Lighting, etc. So, this is going to be a digital Diwali festival celebration on your phone if you download this Diwali Cracker Simulator: Fireworks Game. The most It also echoes a friendly Diwali celebration.

Key Features :

  •  Simple and fun gameplay.
  • Colorful art.
  • Overloaded Fun, attractive UI.
  • Interact with exotic fireworks.
  • Offline play.
  • Play anytime and anywhere.


3. Best Diwali Game-Indian Diwali Celebrations:

Best Diwali Games

This game includes all the actions we generally perform on Diwali like Laxmi and Ganesh Puja, Aarti, and worship. House cleaning, art, flower Garland, Bhajan, songs, sweets, and dishes recipes. Additionally, you can try outfits for Diwali, the theme for Diwali, designs of Diyas, decoration ideas, lights, firecrackers. On seeing its features we must say, it is an all-in-one app.

4. Best Diwali Game-Indian Celebrity Fashion Doll Diwali Celebration:

Best Diwali Games

Indian Celebrity Doll Diwali Celebration is especially for girls kids, enjoy this Diwali with an amazing Indian Doll game and have lots of fun! This game brings the makeover and make-up ideas along with dressing sense, hair spa, nail art, makeup, and dress-up options!

Key Features:

  • Beautiful Makeover game
  • Hair Spa game
  • Dress up game for girls
  • Stunning Nail Art game
  • Festival dressing suggestions for girls.

5. Best Diwali Game-Diwali Fireworks Maker- Crackers Game:

Best Diwali Games free

Are you ready to exploit fireworks? You can exploit your firecrackers in all the events of the world like the Diwali Festival, Valentine’s Surprise, American festival, Independence Day, Music Festival, etc.

Key Features:

  • Choose the color of gun powder and burst it into that color…..How pretty!!.
  • Drawing lovers can paint the cracker arts.
  • You can decide your cracker burst shape.
  • Many beautiful levels.
  • Awesome and loud firecrackers sound.

6. Best Diwali Game-Chhota Bheem Race Game:

Best Diwali Games

Celebrate this Diwali with Chhota-Bheem and his friends. In this game use amazing weapons on the way to be a winner and use them against your opponents. Jump over hassles to overtake your liked Bheem characters. Use to shoot rockets, vital out the ghost, show magical hourglass to your enemy remaining time. There are lots of awesome weapons for characters, like the Belan, the Danda, the cricket bat, the Mace, the Trishul, and the Gadda.

Key Features:

  • Chhota Bheem racing game.
  • Collect power boost on the way to defeat your opponents.
  • Race in exotic locations from all over the country.
  • Win a race, earn coins, purchase new characters for more enjoyment.
  • Glow your leaderboard by winning the race and game.

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