Top 8 Best Free FPS Games for PC

Are you bored at home due to the closing of schools or work from home and want to cheer up as well as want to listen to blasting and bombing sounds of guns and rifles, an exclamation of bombs, and much more adventure?

So, you should go with the free FPS games for PC. Basically, fps games are the one of most enjoyable and adventurous game genres.

If you are looking for top-ranked FPS games for PC so, have a look on below listed

Best Free FPS games for PC

  1. Battlefield 1
  2. Deep Rock Galactic
  3. Border lands 3
  4. Over watch
  5. Genshin-impact
  6. Titan Fall 2
  7. Wolfenstein 2: The new colossus
  8. Dusk


Now, let’s have a look on features of these all FPS. Whichever you like the Most so you can download from their page. Just have to Google search with the game name and you will be redirected to their web page and from there you can download and play.

Free FPS Games For PC-Battlefield 1:


Basically, Battlefield 1 is a shooting FPS game and we put it on first cause of it houses the rush, authority or domination and the conquest. This game performed very well as a multiplayer online FPS game because of it is how good it balanced- there is no any feature like class, weapon or tactic that gives any bad experience overall graphics are just amazing. When you would play this game you will feel like you are in adventurous world. All the levels are online played, you can connect with the people from anywhere in the world. Its single player is also pretty enjoyable. In conclusion we can say, it is an immense package.


Free FPS Games For PC-Deep Rock Galactic:




Deep Rock Galactic is really an op co shooter fps pc game. You and your merry crew have to dig into step wise generated planets for seeking of precious gems to haul back home. You have to just target the enemies and shoot out them by shotgun or using bullets. Well this is not an easy played fps game if you want to push your rank so you have to play it wisely. Just hold down the trigger and don’t let it go until the last alien dead out.


Free FPS Games For PC-Border Lands 3:




We can say it is the underlying path of the first and the second borderlands cover-up in a more amazing and relevant shell named Border lands 3. Or you can call it as the world of weapon craft.


The main focus of its, heavy emphasis on loot and more loot. There is an ocean of guns, bombs, rifles, heavy graphics and one can throw like a boomerang while it keep on firing. In terms of shooting and looting this is the one from best fps games for PC or laptop.


Free FPS Games For PC-Over Watch:




If we reflect light on its features so first of all it is a class-based multiplayer game. Again you will meet with the Aliens and the Zombies, you have to fight with them for your shelter or to be live on the planet.


You will be beloved with this best fps game. Smart design and graphics are awesome free to play anytime and the very smooth and fluent game. This game is designed in that way you, feel like you are in animated world which is most preferable in all the games genres.

Wanna play? So, you can search on Google and you will be redirected to Overwatch.


Free FPS Games For PC-Genshin-impact:




This is a newly came game genre but when I was taking it as a trial of course! I must say this is the ever best game genre in the catalog of all types of games as this game is new in the market so this is pretty obvious this game is going to be very enjoyable and relevant to afford and play too.


It may happen you also watch the ads of this game whenever you are watching a video on YouTube, that 5-10 second video trailer is really impactful that affected me a lot that’s why I tried it too and become compelled to put in list too. You can use redeem code also for enjoy this game.


Free FPS Games For PC-Titan Fall 2:




This shooter and battle house sequel’s multiplayer is so well, it became one of the best PC games since 2016. There’s nothing like Titanfall 2’s that is really crunchy in look and feel, industrial mech brawling and nimble pilot combat. You can also connect with your friends as well as other countries’ people.


The tag line of this game is” NEVER FIGHT ALONE” as this game is one from the best fps game genre. While playing this game you came to unlock all the weapons and characters when you gradually unlock your levels.



Free FPS Games For PC-Wolfenstein 2: The new colossus


Free FPS games for PC


In this game, you will meet up with large weapons, huge guns, blasty bombs, bloody pulps, and many more. And as many bullets you use to fight with your enemies as much fast as your next level unlocks.

Graphics and design is awesome or you can say op bhai opJ. In this game you go about to know series broken hero BJ Blazkowiz. Overall the gameplay experience is superb.


Free FPS Games For PC-Dusk:


Free FPS games for PC


This game is the best one from the crop of best fps video game categories. The majority of modern games capture the feeling of just like an earthquake cause of their loud sound. But the DUSK is the smoothest and fastest gameplay ever. Overall experience rating is outstanding and I give it 9/10.


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