Top 6 Best FPS games for iPhone

Free FPS games in 2021 are typically rip-roaring, faster, thrilling games that are filled with blasting effects, acts of ferocity, and of course, lots of gunfire and rifle fires. The shooting of bullets and blasting of bombs are the main theme of these FPS online games. Here in this article, we list some best FPS games for iPhone.

If you are also interested in action gaming like FPS games so, there are a ton of great FPS games for free on your iPhone and iPad too, here are some of them very popular in 2021.

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Well, FPS games (first-person shooters) are the most exciting as well as enjoying game categories out there in gaming consoles.

It might happen that you will believe or not, there is actually a large supply of FPS games for iPhone and iPad, you should know about. Oops! Sounds exciting na? Ok! So, without any later let’s dig into the best FPS games for iPhone.

 Free iPhone FPS games in 2021:


Free FPS game for iPhone-Modern Combat 5- Blackout:


iOS FOS Games


Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a first-person army shooter free FPS game that provides a console-like gaming experience on or iPhone or iPad.

Starting with an aim in Italy, the solo campaign follows Caydan Phoenix as he travels around the world to shoot down plenty of soldiers of the World Liberation Military. You can create a squad from 11 classes, sum up your friends for team combat, and test your skills in dynamic battle Royale warfare against online enemies from around the universe!


You can customize your soldier’s loadout and special skills, meaning you can adjust each mission to the playstyle you want to play in that way. While playing, your rank gradually improves and you’ll gain access to more weapons, giving you and more options to defeat your opposed player.


Free FPS game for iPhone-Into the Dead 2



iOS FPS games


Into the Dead 2 delivers a solid and exciting gameplay experience. Rather, being an endless runner where you’re only competing to top your own high score, the game has added a narrative and some progression to the run and gun gameplay.

The theme of this free FPS game is fairly simple: you play as a man named James who was injured in an accident in the middle of the road while trying to get back to his wife, Helen, and his daughter, Maggie. Of course, James is immediately flooded by zombies forcing him to run and shoot his way to safety. Holding a handgun, a walkie-talkie, and strong willpower to return home, James started running through the flock of zombies. Journey through the zombie tenor in a race to save the family of James, Arm yourself with powerful weapons, and do whatever it takes to survive.



The visuals/graphics and sounds are Wallah outstanding, and the game does an excellent job of really setting a tense and spooky tone.

Free FPS game for iPhone- Overkill 3:



iOS FPS games


This shooter game doesn’t offer to control your movement and it is pretty simple to play because you are only in control of targeting and shooting your weapon. Before each battle, Overkill 3 fps game will allow you to pick a difficulty level for play, meaning the previous loser player, you just took out gives you no indication of how tough the big ninja you are, you will meet new competitors in every difficulty level.


You have to choose a loadout before each mission, meaning you can change which weapons you have and unlock a new ones as your progress will grow by playing the one-by-one difficulty level of the game. To unlock more missions, you’ll need to collect points, which you do by completing targets throughout the mission. The more points you collect, the more missions you’ll be able to do.



Free FPS game for iPhone- Dead Trigger 2:



iOS FPS games



This online free FPS is a house of Zombies and aliens. Wherever there are zombies, there are usually guns! The graphics are marvelous. Since this covid period, the downloads of this free online FPS game are increasing day by day, as it is an exciting bullet and bombs blasting sound action game with an online multiplayer facility.



It provides a very smooth gameplay experience. All you have to do is, move the weapons over a zombie or another baddie, and if your target is within your weapon’s range, you’ll instantly start firing and enjoy the bale of entertainment of this amazing free fps game.


Free FPS game for iPhone- Pixel Gun 3D:



iOS FPS games


When a discussion takes place about 3D games, Pixel Game 3D is the best fps game for iphone. Not all FPS games have to count on top-listed graphics game to be fun! Pixel Gun 3D is a blocky, online multiplayer, the top free fps online game. Pixel Gun 3D is a fun first-person multiplayer shooter. In this game, you will get the competitive environment of shooting and bombarding the bullets over the baddies. You have a variety of weapons to choose from and buy, a dozen or more, you can play and a few different game modes.


On top of the multiplayer, there is a solo campaign mode that is a FUN way to get used to the controls and offers an amazing amount of fun on its own.



Free FPS game for iPhone- Shadowgun Legends:



iOS FPS games


This online FPS is full of challenges. Shadowgun Legends prompts you to fight with aliens instead of just people in a multiplayer game. There is a tagline that you can follow as you try, “to save all of the worlds and become a hero to Earth”.


In this best free online fps game, players have a variety of weapons and load-outs to customize, as well as some cool, superhuman attacks that can be used, next to the loadouts chosen for the weapon. As all other best fps games discussed above, this game also allows you to collect stars for unlocking the other exciting features and characters.


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