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devfest india 2021


Howdy Developers! Are you fond of developing new and exciting projects using your coding or technical skills? Are you excited for India largest developer technical event?

So, Google Devfest India 2021 is for you. In this article we gonna tell you how you can be a participant of devfest or how can you earn your swag in technical field.

For more updates related to coding, technology, tech news and many more visit our blog Home page. So, without wasting any more time let’s come to know what is Devfest India 2021? How to register? When will Devfest India start in 2021 and some FAQs.

What is Devfest India 2021?

Devfest India is the largest developer’s fest which is organized by the Google developer Group every year. As the name suggests Devfest India so this fest is only for Indians, this is not going to be organized across the world. Although, there are various Devfest organized in respective countries. We can say that this is the best opportunity to all the developers for learning and improve their technical as well as coding skills.

You can join them for 3 days packed with learning, experimenting and networking and the most important is for SWAG

Devfest India 2021 is a virtual conference program that is hosted every year about September or October.

Like in 2020, Devfest India 2021 has 50+ Google Developers Groups to organize Devfest India. If you want to know about 2020 Devfest so, go through this link.

Why should you participate in Devfest India 2021?


If you are one who is looking to meliorate your skills, are you someone who is totally frustrated with bugs in your code or are you looking for peer?

So, Devfest India is for you. This year Devfest India going to organize safe as well as separate space for everything. While learning with Devfest India 2021 you will be getting ready to be job-ready and you will improve your mind with flash talks, you can earn your own badges in Devfest India 2021 frame and you can earn goodies too.


What You Will Get in Devfest India 2021?


This year Devfest India 2021 is coming with a lot of learning opportunities like  Hands-on-session where you can follow sessions to build some things, Panel discussions in which people can put their questions to IT industry-oriented persons, Job opportunities where students can reach out and be hired through the Devfest India 2021 associated companies, etc.

Opportunities are not limited to panel discussions, sessions but also have the chance to earn google swags, professional developer certifications, and much more.



When will Devfest India going to hosted in 2021?

Devfest India 2021 date has already scheduled and the date is from October 22, 2021 to October 24, 2021. This program will be hosted on YouTube this year.

Who can be a participant in Devfest India 2021?

Anyone with a passion of learning, experimenting, coding can register for Devfest India 2021.

How to be a participant of Devfest India 2021 OR How to register for Devfest India in 2021?

Now, you have all details about Devfest and you are just one step away from the event. If you want to learn, earn and experiment with Google developers community so, you have to register for the event.

All you need to do is go to Devfest India 2021 and click on the registration button, there you will find two types of buttons login and signup. If you have already registered so, go with login option and if you are new so you have to first sign up to be a part of Devfest India 2021.

Once, you have registered you can take part in this event. So, why are you waiting for? Click this link to get registered instantly.

How can you engage with Devfest India 2021?


Every year GDG brings some great fun or activities. Since corona comes into the picture, everything becomes digital or virtual as the same thing for India’s largest developer event i.e. Devfest India. Start to create your Devfest profile and earn badges or you can create your digital profile badge associated with Devfest India 2021.

Follow the hashtag #DevFestIndia to keep updated.


Some frequently asked questions about Devfest

  1. How can I create my first Devfest India profile?

The very first step is you have to register for the event and then follow the further steps to create your profile.

  1. Is it mandatory to register for participation in event?

Yes, for each individual registration is mandatory step.

  1. I am a beginner in programming can I still register?

Yes, you can register for sure. There are lots of special paths for beginners.

  1. What is Devfest profile?

Devfest profile is just another name of your professional profile. This will enable you to reach out to speakers, peers, recruiters. They will help you to achieve what you are seeking with. This profile also helps you to showcase your projects, work experience in any open source community or achievements.


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