DevFest India 2020: India’s Biggest Developer Event GDG

DevFest India 2020

Hola Developers of India here is a piece of very great news coming for you that India’s biggest developer Devfest India led by 40+ GDG Communities in 2020 event going to happen on October 16-18, 2020.

Before going dive into the details lets aware you of the Google Developer Group.


What is a Google Developer Group?

How To Join Google Developers Group?
If you are a developer or tech enthusiast, you should know about GDG’s around the world. Google Developers Group are a community for developers interested in Google’s developer technology, like from the Android, Chrome, Drive, and Google Cloud platforms, to product APIs like the Cast API, Maps API, and YouTube API. But it is not a must thing that you should use googles technology or product to join google developer groups, but for sure if you are a tech enthusiast then you will definitely using and love Google technology at least one product or technology…
 Basically, it is a developers community where you will meet the local developers with the same interest in technology.

Three Main Pillars or Aim on GDG Works


Google Developers Groups Allows you to meet with local developers of your area with similar interests in technology. Anyone can join with different backgrounds, different companies, and industries.


Of course, that is why we are here, You will definitely going to learn new skills over here or you can learn with your peers. There is various type of events happen in GDG’s where you can learn about a wide range of technical topics and gain new skills through hands-on workshops and in-person training.


This will be the result of the above two pillars or in my view, it is the best part of Google Developers Group. Connect and learn will lead to growth in your life with a lot of technical skills and with these, you also make too many friends and will get to know industry leaders. Well after reading this you will definitely be excited to join your nearby Google Developers Group.
Now the questions arise how can one join or apply for Google Developers Group?

How To Join Google Developers Group?

According to 2019, 400 GDG’s is actively running around the globe. Local Google Developers Groups are also known as Chapters. You can visit the official website of the Google developers group where you can find nearby local chapters(GDG’s).

DevFests India 2020

DevFests are community-led developer events hosted by Google Developer Groups around the globe. DevFests India 2020 is India’sbiggest developer conclave with 40+ GDG communities with the tagline of Separated by distance, united by passion. Evey Tech lover should join this mega event in India. It will be held online on October 16-18, 2020. Surely you want to attends this Mega tech-driven event.

How To Register for DevFests India 2020?

To register or get a ticket for Devfest India 2020, you just need to go to the website of DevFest India 2020. After that, you need to log in with your email Id and then click on the register button to get the ticket.
Registration Link For Devfest India 2020:


As per my experience, you should join the GDG nearby your areas. Join the DevFest India 2020 for new experiences in the tech field, enjoy something good in 2020 pandemic time haha…
By the way, I am a member of GDG Gwalior, and it’s really great to be part GDG Gwalior. Till now, I have attended around 6 events of Web, Cloud, Blockchain and seriously they are all very great and a lot to learn.
Hope you like this article and please comment on any mistakes that you encounter while reading this blog in the comment box.

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