Steps to rearrange your apps in iOS 13

 rearrange your apps in iOS 13

Welcome everyone with this amazing article which helps you to know the answers of how to rearrange or move your apps in iOS 13 or why can’t I rearrange my apps on iPhone ios 13?

iOS 13 is a very customizable operating system that helps to rearrange the layout of app icons on your mobile phone. There are features that let you decide where you want the app icons to appear or to customize the location of the app and how your iPhone’s or iPad’s home screen to appear.

In iOS versions 12 or prior, when you tap and hang on the application symbol to erase or move it, all the applications in the telephone begins to vibrate. The new iOS 13 update gives a totally new component when you long-press the application with the goal to move or erase them. It springs up a menu for the application, much the same as it was in 3D-contact empowered iPhones.

At the point when you long-press the applications in iOS 13, a relevant menu opens up on the screen. The menu differs as per each application, yet the applications don’t vibrate as they used to in past adaptations.

Here we are presenting some ways to rearrange your app in iOS 13:-

Method 1:

To rearrange your apps in iOS 13, you just need to tap on the apps more than usual time and try to move it while not keep away your fingers from the screen, during this time other apps will vibrate. Now you can easily drag or rearrange the app in iOS 13 wherever you want to place it.

Method 2:

There is the second method to rearrange multiple apps in iOS 13,  tap and hold the app icon until the menu option is available there and select ‘Edit Home Screen’. After that, you can change the location of the app in iOS 13 accordingly and other apps will vibrate.

Method 3:

You can likewise long-press the application while its spring up menu shows up, you can likewise drag the application down and off it from your finger in iOS 13, and the application will begin to shake or vibrate.
iOS 13 keeps introducing a new feature to improve the experiences of iOS 13 Apple devices users. Although, it will take some time to get comfortable with iOS 13. I hope now you have understood how to rearrange the apps on iOS 13.

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