Youtube Like and Subscribe Scam To Get Rs 100 on Telegram

A new scam is making the rounds on Telegram, a popular messaging app. The scam involves users being promised money in exchange for liking and subscribing to YouTube videos. Sometimes Initially you will get money in your bank account.

What is Youtube Like and Subscribe Scam?

This scam usually begins when a person receives a message on Telegram from a stranger. In exchange for liking and subscribing to a set amount of YouTube videos, the message would offer the user money. Although the sum will vary, it is often between 50 and 100 rupees. After some time, there will be a high chance to get the same message from different numbers to do the same job with price indifferences.

Youtube Like and Subscribe Scam To Get Rs 100 on Telegram

The user will be offered a list of YouTube videos to like and subscribe to after accepting the terms. Typically, the videos are for channels that advertise get-rich-quick schemes or other types of fraud. The main motive is to get more likes & subscriptions so that people will get watch it more and believe that this is authentic.

The user will be asked to email a screenshot of their subscription & like to the scammer after they have liked and subscribed to the necessary amount of videos.  Now after doing this, initially for some videos like & subscribe you will get the money. But instead of money, they will get to know your full name, employer details, bank account number & sometimes even pan card.

One of many frauds taking place on Telegram is this one. It’s critical to be aware of these con games and guard against falling for them.

And the very interesting thing. these scammers mostly try to reach the person who is looking for the jobs.

How can You be safe from Online Scams?

  • Do not accept friend requests from strangers.
  • Be wary of any messages that ask you to like or subscribe to YouTube videos in exchange for money.
  • Never share screenshots of your online behavior with strangers.
  • Report the incident to Telegram if you believe you may have been conned.

You can help keep yourself safe from Telegram fraud by paying attention to these suggestions.

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