Top 4 Best Apps to Learn Cybersecurity

Best Apps to Learn Cybersecurity

As we know that there was a time when countries ran over fuel petrol, diesel. But now the time is totally changed because data is the fuel of this new era. So we here with best apps to learn cybersecurity. Data is more important than fuel or any other thing. As we all are moving towards a digital economy, data become a more important asset. After refining, extracting important information from data, it will help us to identify the patterns and insights.

And whenever there is data, there will be a problem of data breaching, data security, and exactly where cybersecurity comes into play. This is why we are bringing with top 4 best apps to learn cybersecurity.

Why is Cybersecurity important?

Cyber Security is the act of securing frameworks, organizations, and projects from advanced assaults. These cyberattacks are typically pointed toward getting to, changing, or obliterating delicate data; blackmailing cash from clients; or interfering with ordinary business measures.
Cyber Security is huge considering the way that it safeguards all orders of data from burglary and mischief. This consolidates sensitive data, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), singular information, ensured advancement, data, and administrative and industry information systems.
Without cybersecurity, your association can’t guard itself against information penetrate crusades, making it a compelling objective for cybercriminals. In short, we can say if you want to secure your digital work or data then you should know about cybersecurity. This is why we helped you make a list of the best android apps to learn cybersecurity.

Cyber Security Learning Apps

There are various great apps to learn cybersecurity and ethical hacking. We list apps on the basis of reviews, ratings, and downloads. Maybe Sometimes you find better apps than our listing please comment it out.

1. Learn Cyber Security & Online Security Systems:-

Cyber Security Learning App
This app is offered by the programming hub. This is one of the best beginner apps to learn cybersecurity and online security systems. Anyone can use this to enhance their cybersecurity skills. It offers various modules in which experts teach you cybersecurity basics to advance. One will get a certificate after completing the courses.
The topics are covered in this app given below.
  • Basics of Information Security
  • Physical Security
  • The points about Cyber Attacks & Cyber Laws
  • Basics of Cyber Security
  • Layers of Security
  • Digital Forensics
Downloads- 100000+
Ratings- 4.5+

2. Free Cybersecurity Career Training and Cert Prep:-

Cyber Security Learning App
If you are a cybersecurity enthusiast and interested to learn cybersecurity from basics to advanced but don’t know where to start with. This app is just made really for you. It is designed in such a way to cover for noobs in cybersecurity fields. it comprises a lot of modules in cybersecurity, like cybersecurity career kickstart courses in which you learn basics of cybersecurity, information security, digital forensics, etc. After completing free courses if you feel that you are ready to land a job then go for certification and use in your resume to get hired. I found this one of the best cybersecurity learning apps.
Downloads- 100,000+
Rating- 4+

3. IT & Cybersecurity Pocket Prep:-

cybersecurity learning app
If you are preparing for cybersecurity certification, this app is one of the best apps to learn cybersecurity. This app guides you through step-by-step ways to prepare for more than 12 various cybersecurity and IT certification exams. It consists of cybersecurity questions, topics, and quizzes. To enhance your IT skills, one can give exams, track their performance, and see the leaderboard where one checks their peer’s score.
Apps prepare you for the following exams:-
  • (ISC)² CISSP®
  • (ISC)² CCSP®
  • CompTIA® A+
  • CompTIA® CASP
  • CompTIA® CySA+
  • CompTIA® Network+
  • CompTIA® Project+
  • CompTIA® Security+
  • EC-Council® CEH™
Download – 5,000+
Rating- 4.5+

4. Cyber Security News:-

cybersecurity learning app
This is not a core learning app but still worth a lot. When you learn cybersecurity, you need to have knowledge of the cybersecurity field of the global world like news of cybersecurity, ethical hacking, etc. This app is one of the best cybersecurity learning app in the same way when you read English news to improve you English.
One will get the news all related to cybersecurity threats, cyber-attacks, new researches, cyber experts talks, etc. In this app, there is a community of cybersecurity enthusiasts so you can join and make your reputation there.
Some amazing features are-
  • Full coverage of cybersecurity news
  • Video coverage available
  • Topic configuration available  that let you choose what you need to know or not
  • Join the community to post, share stories, etc.
Downloads- 100,000+
Rating- 4.3+

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