“Whatshap Crashing Messages”- How to Fix this Whatsapp Bug

A new bug recently reported Whatshap Crashing Messages that basically crash your WhatsApp in the loop. As we know WhatsApp is used massively around the globe for daily messages, link sharing and much more. The number of URLs sent and received every day on WhatsApp, the most widely used messaging app in the world, is unfathomable. However, one URL seems to be causing WhatsApp Crashing crash messages on Android.

What is Whatsapp Crashing Messages Bug?

WhatsApp has a current bug that results in frequent crashes of WhatsApp in Android, however, this issue has had no impact on iOS users till now. The first person to notice this issue was Brute Bee, who reported it to WhatsApp on Twitter. Both the normal and business editions of WhatsApp for Android appear to be impacted.

"Whatshap Crashing Messages"- How to Fix this Whatsapp Bug

When you send the URL “wa.me/settings,” which should typically direct you to the app’s settings, a glitch happens. But in this instance, it results in a crash and restart cycle for the application. Opening the issue conversation results in a crash loop even though other chats are unaffected.

Fix Whatsapp Crashing Messages Bug

WhatsApp has a recent bug that, under some conditions, causes the program to crash. On Android 12 and 13, this issue appears to affect both normal WhatsApp users and WhatsApp Business users.

It happens when a user tries to visit a conversation that has an empty element basically looping the process of opening of WhatsApp again and again; this could be related to the URL “wa.me/settings.” Just don’t open that particular chat if you want to stop the crash loop. There is a workaround utilizing WhatsApp Web if the communication is crucial, though.

To fix WhatsApp crashing messages bug crash loop, adhere to the following steps:

1. On your laptop, launch WhatsApp Web.

2. To log into your WhatsApp account, scan the QR code.

3. Find and open the chat that contains the faulty URL.

4. The text that contains the “wa.me/settings” component should be removed.

5. These techniques should stop WhatsApp from crashing and looping on your device.

By following the above you can definitely stop Whatsapp crashing messages issue.

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