Top 5 Best Apps to learn Ethical Hacking

Hacking is a term when anyone listens, a quick reaction to hack someone phone to check something, or other. To more enhancing knowledge, We are going to list some best apps to learn ethical hacking. These are the ethical learning apps which you can follow to kickstart your ethical hacking career.

Best Apps to learn Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is nothing but a licensed person to do an unauthorized activity over the internet or have the guts to enter the unauthorized system. Ethical hacking is very important for every IT guy not for getting into some system but to secure yourself from his type of activity. There are various apps that people are using to learn new skills which is why we are bringing here the top 5 best apps to learn ethical hacking.

Best Ethical Hacking Learning Apps

Here we are writing some of the best apps to learn ethical hacking that you can check out. Make sure to go through the description. We always list apps on the basis of quality, reviews, downloads, and using compatibility.


1. Learn Ethical Hacking: HackerX:

Best Apps to learn Ethical Hacking

Learning anything will be easy if you have the best-structured topics aligned, and that is exactly what this app covers.  Initially, you will start with the basics of the hacking world and cybersecurity, so you will have an idea regarding the whole hacking terminologies. Then slowly topics will be upgraded as per the level of knowledge. This app has 1million+ installations with 4.8+ ratings on the google play store. Some paid courses are also there so check out if suitable after completing free trials. There are more than 19+ E- certificates that boost your confidence in various ways after completing any courses.

2. Ethical Hacking University App:-

Best Apps to learn Ethical Hacking

This is the 2nd best ethical app to learn for the same. It can be very helpful to improve your ethical hacking skills. In this app, there are various tutorials structures from easy to complex which are completely free to follow. After completing the course you will get an e-certificate. It is like a hacking university because when you graduate from college you will mark sheet same here you will get ethical hacking certification with medals.

You will cover the introduction to hacking and types of hackers, ways to protect yourself from unethical hackers, or how to secure corporate networks from these types of hackers. This app has a special feature to let you know great incident happening around the globe that is related to hacking. It has 100k+ downloads with 4.7+ ratings on play store.

3. Geek App – Ethical Hacking Certification Tutorials:-

Best Apps to learn Ethical Hacking

This app is for those who want to deep dive into ethical hacking more. Because it has a detailed explanation of terminologies of ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

Some basic topics like the intro to security, Nerd diction where you can know all the terminologies used in the hacking world, protect yourself ways, firewall, network, and much more. It also covers all the news around the globe related to technology and security. It has 100K+ installs and 4.6+

4. Learn Ethical Hacking – Ethical Hacking Tutorials:-

Best Apps to learn Ethical Hacking

This app is very famous because of its bite-sized lessons on ethical hacking. If you have 4-7 minutes then you can easily finish a particular section with great knowledge.

It covers the following topics-

Understand the basics of Hacker
Know who is known as a Hacker and what is Hacking?
Introduction of security
Types of Hackers
Know about malware
What are Virus – Trojans & Worms

It is totally beginner-friendly app to learn ethical hacking. You will actually want to reveal a great deal about the universe of online protection and potential weaknesses that can exist in PC frameworks and PC organizations of the present world. This app has downloaded over 10 million+ downloads with a 4.5+ rating.

5 Ethical Hacking Guide – A Guide To Ethical Hacking:-

Best Apps to learn Ethical Hacking

The fun fact of this app, it makes you feel like an ethical hacker expert due to its user interface. This app is full of hacking theoretically information and most likely as notes for hacking. There is no video present or tutorials. It has 5000+ downloads with a 5.0 rating.

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