How to get KFC Diablo 4 Cosmetics Rewards

This is a new article in which we are going to talk about how to get KFC Diablo 4 Cosmetics rewards for free. As we know KFC is famous for its fried chicken restaurant which has headquarters in the USA.

How to get KFC Diablo 4 Cosmetics Rewards
                                       Image Credit- KFC & Blizzard

In the much-awaited video game Diablo 4, KFC and Blizzard the publisher of Diablo 4 have linked together once more for an interesting collaboration. By making purchases at KFC, players have the option to obtain unique in-game cosmetics thanks to this special collaboration.

The KFC Diablo 4 cooperation gives avid gamers who also adore the well-known fast food company an exhilarating new gaming experience.

What is the KFC Diablo 4 collaboration?

Both, KFC and Diablo 4 are giving away new in-game cosmetics rewards. The partnership will last from May 30, 2023, through June 2, 2023. This is basically KFC Diablo 4 limited-time offer to earn KFC Diablo4 Consmetics rewards.  Players must buy a sandwich or sandwich combo meal from KFC and use the accompanying code to acquire the cosmetics. Each of the five available weapons is modeled after a different KFC menu item.

What does this KFC Diablo4 Cosmetics Rewards Offer?

During the Blizzard and KFC relationship, the following five cosmetic items are available:

  • The Dread Pheasant Slayer,
  • The Eleventh Vessel Bow,
  • The Thrum Axle Staff,
  • The Hand of Gallus Polearm
  • The Totem

You must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible for the KFC Diablo 4 collaboration, which is something you must keep in mind. You won’t be able to use the voucher to redeem your meal if you cancel an order after it has been placed since orders that are canceled after they have been placed are not counted.

How to Unlock KFC Diablo 4 Cosmetics Rewards?

KFC is running a special promotion where you may get a Sandwich or Sandwich combo meal through their website or app from May 30, 2023, until June 2, 2023.

You will then be given a code that can be used to unlock a cosmetic item in KFC Diablo 4 collaboration.

You need to connect your KFC account to your account in order to use the code. You can access the login page by clicking on the event specifics link on the KFC landing page. To connect the two accounts, enter your account information there.

You’ll need to buy sandwiches in order to unlock all five of the Diablo 4 cosmetics that are available for the various classes. The least expensive selection starts at $5, so you’ll have to shell out a total of $45 to get all the cosmetics.

This is how you can earn KFC Diablo 4 Cosmetic Rewards.

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