Microsoft Bing AI Chat: How to Use, Acesss to Bing Chat AI

Do you know Microsoft Bing search engine now offers Microsoft Bing AI Chat? Yes, You are listening correctly. In this article, we will see how to use & access Bing AI chat. Even while Bing AI is not a perfect substitute for Google Search, it is nevertheless helpful. Open AI’s ChatGPT, a real-time chatbot, served as the catalyst for the entire process. While ChatGPT is progressively losing its appeal, Bing AI has been consistently making headlines over the past few weeks. The previous month, Microsoft introduced its new GPT-powered Bing, which has received both positive and unfavorable user comments.

How to Get Bing Chat AI || How to Access Bing Chat AI

Microsoft Bing AI Chat: How to Use, Acesss to Bing Chat AI

There is a quote, “AI will not take jobs, the people know how to use AI can”.  In the case of Bing Chat AI, the same quote is a perfect fit, ChatGPT alone is good enough to tackle but Microsoft integrates it into their search engine along with other technologies that can take on Google the big giant in the search engine market.

You receive more current responses and information about current events as a result. Nevertheless, since the AI Chatbot is currently in testing and requires significant refinement, do not anticipate it to provide precise and up-to-date information.

Also, the new Bing AI is incredibly slow, occasionally taking up to 10 seconds to react. Moreover, don’t anticipate receiving trending news or information from the web because the AI chatbot is unable to retrieve information on hot issues.

In order to use bing chat AI from all browsers, there are minimum requirements to access to Bing Chat AI.

1. Requirements to access Bing Chat AI- Microsoft Account:-

The very first requirement to access Bing chat AI is an active Microsoft account. As We’re going to use a Microsoft service, and in order to use Bing AI, we’ll need a Microsoft account. Fortunately, creating one is simple. Simply create one for yourself by going to the Microsoft Account website (Registration).

2. Requirements to access Bing Chat AI- Access to Bing Chat AI:-

As we know, Microsoft Bing Chat AI launched a few weeks ago, but it is limited to a very small no. of users. To get access to bing chat AI, one can join the waitlist to get some hands-on on bing chat ai. To join the waitlist, you simply need to on the Bing search engine, there will be one option for a chat just below to search engine, click on that and you will be popped by a mini window to join the waitlist.

3. Requirements to access Bing Chat AI- Microsoft Bing Chat AI Browser Extension:-

Microsoft Bing AI Chat: How to Use, Acesss to Bing Chat AI

Would you prefer to use Bing Chat AI access from only one browser and all browsers? Of course Bing Chat AI from all browsers. This useful feature is made possible by the “Bing for all browsers” extension, which we’ll be using. Download Bing for all browsers now to complete these needs (Chrome and Firefox).

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How to Use Bing Chat AI on All Browsers

There are some simple steps to use bing chat AI on any browser as per your preferences. We will take the example of Google Chrome.

  • Firstly, open the google chrome browser and head to the google extension page for Bing Chat AI for all browsers.
  • Now install the extension, and add it to google chrome.
  • Now Reload chrome, and You will find the extension next to the address bar, click on the icon.
  • Open Bing Chat AI.
  • After this, it will lead to the Microsoft sign page where you need to put in credentials & log in.
  • Once finished, select “Open Bing Chat” by clicking the extension icon once more. The Bing AI Chat feature will then be activated.
  • Now you can enjoy chatting with Microsoft Bing AI Chat.

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These are a few easy steps to follow in order to access Microsoft Bing AI on any web browser. All current web browsers support Bing ai chat thanks to the addon we’ve utilized. We hope that this brief tutorial will assist you in configuring the new Microsoft Bing AI on all of your browsers, whether they run on Windows or macOS. Once you’ve finished using the Bing AI chatbot, explore Google BARD AI Sign Up & Use, and Google BARD AI Alternatives.

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