Google BARD AI Signup || How to Use Google BARD AI || Google BARD AI Launch Date

If you are familiar with CHATGPT which is an AI chatbot that answers to everything. To compete with this, Google launched its AI chatbot named Google BARD AI. In this article, we will see google bard AI signup and login, and how to use google bard AI.

Google BARD AI Signup || Google BARD AI Login

Google BARD AI Signup || How to Use Google BARD AI || Google BARD AI Launch Date

In order to compete with Bing’s new AI capabilities, Google formally unveiled its Bard AI chatbot. But, you are still unable to access Google’s new search interface, unlike Microsoft, which provides an early taste of the experience.  According to business statements, it’s currently exclusively accessible to “trusted testers,” or we can say it is still in the testing phase but in the next weeks, Bard will be made more widely accessible to the general public. You are not eligible for early access, so give up your hopes.

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To sign up for Google Bard AI, You need to enter your email address and password on the Google BARD AI website to access the features. You must now provide your mobile number or other relevant information as requested by the website in order to log in. Once your profile has been created in BardAI, you can easily ask questions and receive precise responses. Be sure to keep in mind the password and email address you used to create your profile before using them to log into the portal.

Features of Google Bard AI

If you have already used Chatgpt then you can understand how a chatbot works basically, most probably google bard will also work in the same way with more functionalities.

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  • Aiming to exhibit a mix of power, intelligence, and creativity.
  • Using a LaMDA lite model version for preliminary testing.
  • Gathering suggestions to advance the AI system in the future.
  • Gathering data from online comments and customer feedback.
  • You can get answers specific to topics with the limitation of words that you prefer.
  • You can get answers to complex problems.

How to Use Google Bard AI

Google Bard is only currently accessible to a small number of beta testers, but in the upcoming weeks and months, a larger launch is anticipated. With indications of ChatGPT’s successful development at the beginning of 2022, CEO Sundar Pichai first expedited the development of Google Bard. The positive news coverage ChatGPT has continued to receive in 2023 is only likely to have accelerated that. You’ll just have to wait till we hear more from Google if you aren’t currently among the elite set of Bard beta testers.

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As per the beta user information to user Google BARD AI, User needs to register to onboard on Google bard AI with their credentials like Gmail and phone number. After that, you can put any query in the chatbox as required.

Google BARD AI Launch Date

Google beta testers have already been given access to Google Bard in a limited form. For its wider implementation, no precise timetable has been provided. Nonetheless, Google CEO Sundar Pichai asserted that Google Bard would soon be used to improve Google Search in his speech announcing the launch of the search engine. Hence there is no such specific date given or declared by Google to launch BARD AI.


Google intends to alter its search interface so that Bard will coexist with the standard list of links sorted by relevancy on the search result page. Google has been incorporating AI into many of its products in addition to search, and it plans to do so in even more areas, including Maps, Translate, Lens, and other services.

We all know, Google will bring their product by making their existence strong. So Let’s wait and see what Google BArd Ai will do in the future. Will Google BARD AI compete with ChatGPT?

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