Top 5 Best ChatGPT Apps that you should know

There have been numerous ChatGPT programs and websites appearing during the past few weeks. So, be ready to check out some of the best ChatGPT Apps. In the last week, the ChatGPT platform has surpassed 1 million users! Sam Altman, the CEO of Open AI, tweeted about how expensive it is to have this product publicly tested.

What is ChatGPT?

Best ChatGPT Apps

You may have spotted a lot of GPT-3 AI writer web apps during the past two years. OpenAI released the language model GPT 3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) in November 2022. It has been programmed to produce text that resembles human writing. It is nothing more than an advanced kind of supervised and reinforcement learning in artificial intelligence.
Here, you’ll need to give the AI a few words or a sentence to start off with, and it will fill in the rest of the information from there. You can attempt any of the many AI-writing websites that are available online.

Best ChatGPT Apps that you should know

If you wanna explore these best chatGPT apps then you must be an iPhone user. The below apps are all iPhone ChatGPT apps.

1. iPhone ChatGPT Apps- Export & Share Your Conversations

We all enjoy sharing our conversations with others occasionally. We always capture screenshots for the same reason, however, ChatGPT provides a solution to this issue. With ChatGPT, you can now export your discussions in PNG or PDF formats. They will be easily outputted into a single snapshot or pdf with this addon, making it simple and convenient for everyone else.

2. iPhone ChatGPT Apps-Google Search Extension

This Chrome Extension is a useful tool because it displays brief summaries of your ChatGPT results alongside your Google search results.
This is excellent for receiving the information you only need in a paragraph or two, but occasionally Google displays lists, adverts, or other irrelevant content when all you need is what’s on the page.
The web app is a terrific and superior choice for sophisticated queries. Use this Chrome extension to obtain answers to your questions quickly if you’re seeking common searches.

3. iPhone ChatGPT Apps-Run A ChatGPT Telegram Bot

You can easily power a Telegram bot using this GitHub repository. Create the required token code from the Telegram page and then enter it into the code if you want your own ChatGPT Bot. It’s that easy! If you’d rather utilize WhatsApp, the repository also has bots for it.

4. iPhone ChatGPT Apps-Reverse Engineered API

In the upcoming months, the actual API will finally be made available. Developers can already leverage a variety of reverse-engineered APIs to build original applications in a variety of languages. There are also recent integrations using Dart, Python, and Node.js in addition to those fresh endeavors. This is only the very tip of the iceberg.

5. iPhone ChatGPT Apps-Voice to ChatGPT

If you lazy person and don’t love to write text then this app is just for you. Using ChatGPT has a tonne of awesome advantages, too! You can use the spacebar as voice input to begin with, which speeds up discussions. As a result, you won’t need to type as quickly and will be able to complete your tasks more swiftly.


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