How to Track Your Phone if Switched Off- 100% Working Method

Mobile tracking is becoming a toy for children. However, it can be challenging to track your phone if switched off since doing so prevents it from connecting with surrounding mobile towers. Only the last place it was when it was turned on can be found by calling the service provider or using Google services.

Can I track my mobile phone if stolen or Switched off?

Track Your Phone if Switched Off

Yes Definitely, you can track or locate your stolen or switched-off mobile phone. There are multiple ways to find your phone, one way is you can go to the police and network provider they help you to locate your switched-off phone via the IMEI number. But the better way to deal with this scenario is something like that one must install an android app that helps to locate your mobile phone even if the data off, or switched off or even take a selfie of the thief and send the location to the main number or security number.

Track Your Phone if Switched Off- Track it EVEN if it is off

Track it even if it is off is an android app that helps to locate your mobile phone if it is switched off. The creator of this app is Hammer Security. This mobile app is also available for download through the Google Play Store. This is also incredibly simple to set up.

You must open the app and grant some permissions in order to do this. Additionally, it contains a dummy switch-off feature and a flight mode. By doing this, the phone will continue to function even after being switched off, giving the burglar the impression that the phone has been shut off. Hammer is a lost phone finder that activates the emergency alarm to make sure anyone who takes your phone gets into trouble. even if they switch off the device or activate airplane mode. It will capture covert pictures of the invader and email them to you. To assist in locating misplaced phones, it also contains a phone tracker. Along with this tracking, this app gives you some other benefits also like locking your mobile phone apps with emergency pins, a car collision detector that alerts key persons about your accident, and one panic button in some dangerous situations you can tap.

Get Real Time Location of Lost Mobile Phone

It will continue to send all of your device’s activities and position, as well as the selfie and other information of the person holding the phone to your designated emergency number. Additionally, this software continuously sends the phone’s current location.

It is quite simple to track as a result. This app is really helpful for you if you also use an Android phone. Additionally, it has received a very high rating on the Google Play store. If the phone is stolen, this will be of great assistance to you.


Finally, you have the answer to the question of how to Track Your Phone if Switched Off. This app has multiple features like fake shutdown(while a thief trying to do it), fake airplane mode, panic button, capture selfie, lock apps, collision detector for accidents, and camouflage hammer, etc.

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