Best apps to learn Entrepreneurship

If you are an entrepreneur or want to become an entrepreneur then this page is going to be very aidful for you. As in this article, we have highlighted the Best apps to learn Entrepreneurship. It might be a case that you are not familiar even with the word Entrepreneurship don’t worry we are going to clear you that what is the meaning of Entrepreneurship and How to become an Entrepreneur. Moreover, we will tell you the top best apps to learn Entrepreneurship.

best apps to learn entrepreneurship


What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is one of the resources economists categorize as integral to production, the other three being land/natural resources, labor, and capital. An entrepreneur combines the first three of these to manufacture goods or provide services. They typically create a business plan, hire labor, acquire resources and financing, and provide leadership and management for the business.

What Is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The process of setting up a business is known as entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures.

Best apps to learn Entrepreneurship

1. LinkedIn

Getting exposure from working professionals can be very helpful to become a good entrepreneur and if you are already an entrepreneur then you will see the growth rate in your entrepreneurship journey. Experts advice will help you to do your best for your career. You can find the top to top working professionals for every domain not only IT sectors on Linkedin. All you need to do is download the Linkedin app and create your professional account, expand your connections according to your domain, take the advice of your seniors and experts. On LinkedIn, you can learn entrepreneurship from experts.

 App Features:

  1.  Stay up to date with companies.
  2.  Follow entrepreneurs seniors to you.
  3.  Enlarge your connections with businessmen/women
  4.  Grow your network and expand your business.


2. Entrepreneurship Skills Offline

With this App, you don’t need an internet connection to read about the entrepreneurship skills concepts. This tutorial will give anyone who is interested in learning entrepreneurship skills all he needs to become an expert in entrepreneurship skills for free. If you are a student who is preparing for exams about entrepreneurship skills or a person how looking to be an entrepreneur, this app is made for you. The tutorial lessons are divided into comprehensive sections for fast and easy learning.
No prior programming experience is needed even a beginner can learn entrepreneurship skills easily.

3. Entrepreneurship Skills

This app holds 4.6 stars on Google Play Store only because of its facility and awesome tutorial. On this app, you learn entrepreneurship very smoothly and quickly with easiness. Even if you are from a non-technical background then no problem at all you can use this free app tutorial to learn entrepreneurship.

All the concepts and chapters are divided into parts so that readers don’t feel bored while reading entrepreneurship skills from this app.  With all the critical tactics discussed one by one through this app you will get to know everything about entrepreneurship. pros and cons, ups and downs in business everything are discussed here. We must say this app is one of amazing best apps to learn entrepreneurship.

4. Bada Business Community

Bada Business Community is an initiative started by a famous businessman/ entrepreneur Dr. Vivek Bindra. Basically, the agenda behind developing this app is to teach business skills for those who want to start their own business or wants to become an entrepreneur.

This app is a good opportunity for you to put relevant information, earn recognition and revenue, and also develop relationships with peer groups. Dr. Vivek aims to give you content that is engaging, empowering, encouraging, and relevant to you and your business.

5. Business Management & Entrepreneurship Skills

As the name suggests this app will help you to learn business management in addition to entrepreneurship. You will start from an overview of business and then from basic to advance everything has been discussed in this app one by one with real-world examples. After learning from this app and implementing these tactics into your day-to-day life, you will surely move towards your entrepreneurship career.

6. Entrepreneurship Development

From noob to pro-level everything, the topic you will get to know about through this app. You will get to know, what is entrepreneurship means? what is an entrepreneur? What is a business management system?  The index is too large to write here so it will be better for you to check this app on your own.

But yeah! some of the starting and important topics are mentioned below

Entrepreneurship – Introduction
⇢ Entrepreneurship
⇢ Motivation – An Important Factor
⇢ Why is Motivation Required?
⇢ What Motivates an Entrepreneur?
⇢ Results of Motivation
⇢ Enterprise & Society
⇢ Entrepreneurial Achievement
⇢ Why Start a Business?
⇢ How to Start a Business?
⇢ Entrepreneurship Development – Qualities
⇢ Skills of an Entrepreneur

and so on……..


7. Entrepreneur App – Learn Entrepreneurship Guide

Entrepreneur App – Learn Entrepreneurship Guide is just an app for namesake. This app is one of the best apps to learn entrepreneurship and we must say it is a guide for learning entrepreneurship quickly. Every topic which is most important to learn is discussed in a separate chapter in this app. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never experienced entrepreneurship up close and personal, This guide will tell you everything you need to know, without spending too much brainpower!


8. GreatLearning

Great learning is an amazing platform to learn any skill of any domain. Doesn’t matter that you are from the non-IT sector. Everything is available for free and for every device (Android/ iOS/ Website). On great learning, you can learn new and trending skills without paying even a pai and you will get your course completion certificate that can include in your resume.

Some of the Popular courses on GreatLearning

  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing and Finance
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Communication skills
  • Programming languages
  • Design and video editing
  • IT & Software
  • Artificial Intelligence etc


9. Learn Entrepreneurship Development

Learn Entrepreneurship development is one of the best apps to learn entrepreneurship. This app is an offline app so you don’t need to have an internet connection once downloaded this app, to read and learn about Entrepreneurship Development.

Tutorials of this app really help you out to become the best entrepreneur. From basic to advance every phase is discussed here. If you are a student and planning to become an entrepreneur so having this app in your pocket is a good choice. The tutorial lessons are divided into comprehensive sections for fast, interesting, and easy learning.


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