Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Digital Marketing


Top 5 Best Apps to Learn Digital Marketing





Are you looking for some best apps to learn Digital Marketing? Do you want to know about Digital Marketing Learning App? If you are one of these types of explorers then this article will be really helpful to you. Because according to research people seeking online business due to this covid crisis in very larger numbers. So the digital marketing future obvious will be very high.



Digital Marketing includes a lot of things social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, much more. Every subfield has a large future for so sure. Especially in, Country like India where the number of people using the internet continues to grow, so definitely there will bere a very great career in digital marketing.

In this scenario, we are going to present some top 5 best apps to learn digital marketing from anywhere.

Digital Marketing Learning Apps

1. Google Primer:-

For a beginner, I would recommend google primer offered by Google, which is the best app to learn digital marketing. This app offers an easy way to learn business and digital marketing skills. Here you learn every basic skill for marketing and digital marketing like sales, content marketing, SEO analytics, and much more in just 5 minutes vides from anywhere. You need to log in from the google account, so the progress will be shown there. I used this primer to get started with the digital marketing learning app.

2. Learn Digital Marketing & Online Marketing:-

Either Digital marketing learning or Growth hacking learning, this app is always considered of the best apps to learn digital marketing. Every course and tutorials are made by digital marketing professionals who are expert in the Digital marketing field. And the courses already reviewed by Developer experts from Google indicate the authenticity of the course.
Programming Hub app covers the topics in such series:-

📖 Basics of Digital Marketing & Online Marketing
📖 Growth Hacking
📖 Google Ads Measurement
📖 Google Shopping Ads
📖 Python
📖 Google Video Ads
📖 Social Media Marketing
📖 Search Ads for Google platforms

Not only this, after completing every course one will get a respective certificate.

3. Learn SEO, SMO, PPC and Digital Marketing course

This app is offered by 360DigitalGyan. I must say, this app is really impressive because of the app quality and features. App UI has a clean welcome screen. The main objective is to create a friendly place for business digitally. App offers video courses on digital marketing topics like SEO, SMM, PPC, Youtube marketing, Google marketing, and much more. Along with videos, it gives you the latest updates about digital marketing around the globe, tips&trics, quizzes to examine your learning, and interview questions that will help to land a job, etc.
There is a feature where you can challenge your peers on digital marketing knowledge and get points. A dictionary of digital marketing terms also available. After this, you will get know the best digital marketing learning app.

4. Learn Digital Marketing and Blogging:-

If you have basic knowledge and looking to upgrade your knowledge in digital marketing. This app is basically for people like business owners, bloggers, students, online earners, freelancers, etc.
You can learn to blog, PPC, mobile marketing, content marketing, keyword research(using different tools like Ahref), SEO tools, and much more. This is why it is one of the best digital marketing learning apps.
So, All digital marketing enthusiasts must have this app in their buckets. The case studies of big brands also available to get inspired from them. So go and download this app without further confusion.

5. Learn Digital Marketing – SEO, SMM, Email, Ads:-

This app is one of the best apps for digital marketing in a very efficient way. This app makes digital marketing learning very easy with rewards, points, certificates, and gifts much more. After completing each tutorial, there will be a quiz and earn XP points. After reaching 10,000 XP points, one will get many things for free like a gift bundle with books, resources, and some free marketing tools.
The app consists of Digital marketing learning in 10 parts from Digital marketing basics to blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshipping and growth hacking, and much more.


Digital marketing is lifelong learning. It is a very big field because, at every technology platform where people come, there will be an opportunity to make your brand viral with Digital marketing strategies.
Hope you like the above-mentioned best Digital marketing learning app. After learning anything, you need to make some projects to improve your theoretical knowledge to practical skills. So go ahead practice skills to make business, blog, website viral.
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