Top 5 Best apps to learn ruby on rails

If you were searching for an article related to the learning path of Ruby On Rails, well you are at the very right place. Today’s article is about to tell you the best apps to learn ruby on rails.

If you have just learned Ruby and now want to polish your skills so to learn ruby on rails is a good recommendation for you. Using Ruby On rails web framework enlights your websites and nowadays it is widely used in website development in addition to HTML5, CSS, Javascript, react js, angular, and much more.

best apps to learn ruby on rails

But before forward lemme introduce a little bit with What ruby on rails actually is?

Basically, Ruby On Rails is a server-side application that is mostly used in developing web applications with HTML, CSS, javascript, and react like amazing tools.

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Rail is a perfect combo for rendering HTML templates, updating databases, sending and receiving emails, maintaining live pages via WebSockets, enqueuing jobs for asynchronous work, storing uploads in the cloud, providing solid security protections for common attacks.

So, now it’s time to have a look at the best apps to learn ruby on rails.

Top 5 best apps to learn Ruby On Rails

We have listed out some best apps to learn ruby on rails after some analysis. You can download any Ruby on rails learning apps among the following

1. Little Drops Ruby On Rails

Ruby On rails docs powered by Little drops is an application that is very useful for learning Ruby On Rails. Each module and each concept are explained mannerly. Users get fresh and well-designed UI in addition to a clean layout plus improved navigation and bookmark option. The bookmark can be used to mark wherever you left your learning journey chapter or concepts wise.

All essential concepts to enhance Ruby On Rails are available on this app. Like Models, views, controller and deep digging also includes the remaining important and useful concepts. You can use this app as a reference either for revising or to learn Ruby on rails.

2. Ruby on Rails Tutorial

This app includes all the basic to advance concepts about ruby on rails. The important thing about this app is explanations are super simple and almost all the examples contain some examples to be more clear for the students.

This tutorial app includes Introduction to ruby on rails, installation, framework, directory structure, active records, migrations, controller, examples, etc.

You are required to have a basic knowledge of Ruby and object-oriented programming to understand this tutorial.

Best websites to learn Ruby On Rails

We have discussed the apps, actually, there are not a lot of apps available on the Google play store to learn Ruby On Rails. So, we are giving you some awesome websites from there you can carry on your journey to learn Ruby On Rails.


Lynda is a very popular website to learn Ruby on Rails at your fingertips. This is not free to learn but yeah worthy to be learned from here. ON Lynda, you will get to learn from industry experts and professionals through video tutorials.

Ruby Tapas

RubyTapas is a website that offers informative screencasts on Ruby and Rails produced by Avdi Grimm, author of many tutorials and a couple of great books. The screencasts are posted twice a week and are perfect for Rails developers who are looking to improve their skills.


Online Courses on Ruby on rails are available on the website Code Academy. Tutorials include lessons, quizzes, and projects to help you get started. You are required to learn and implement the concepts through coding surely Code Academy will be beneficial for you as they have a completely new take on education!

So, this article has been introduced you to the best apps to learn ruby on rails as well as the best websites to learn ruby on rails. The above are the all resources to learn Ruby on rails.

So, now, this is your turn to make a move towards Ruby On rails and start to develop amazing web applications using the ruby on rails framework.

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