Bloodvania:- Everything You Need to Know About



Bloodvania is a virtual world filled with vampires! Yes, it is a virtual world where gamers of this platform may play, earn and commercialize their craft! Because it is on the Binance Smart Chain, it is quite legitimate (BSC). Bloodvania seeks to build a fun gaming environment where players can participate, earn NFT, and Non-Fungible Tokens, monetize their gaming experience and receive a $Bloodvania token in return.

Bloodvania has multiple phases. It has 3 phases accordingly.

BloodVania Phase 1:-

Phase 1 consists of Building a market research team, creating a white paper, launching a website, and building a community.

BloodVania Phase 2:-

Bloodvania phase 2 consists of Agreement Formation, Contract Review Contract Implementation, KYC&AUDIT&SAFU, Marketing Prior to Sales, Presale of Pinks, Launch Marketings by Pancakeswap, and more

BloodVania Phase 3:-

Phase 3 consists of starting using Pancake Swap, CG Listings CMC, Post-Launch Promotions, Public Sale of NFTs, Update on Game Development, Whitepaper Improvement, Fresh Roadmap and etc.

Conclusion of Bloodvania:-

A properly thought-out plot. A game, with friends to win collaboratively with your vampire hunters.  An experience, of immersive songs, structured sounds and ambiance music.  A co-op multiplayer with chat, NFT marketplace of customized in-game NFT items,. Play and earn, play to fun and sell to earn your unique NFTs!

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