Top 10 Best iPhone and iPad apps to learn coding in 2022

Time and Technology never wait for anyone this is why we must have to learn to code so that we can survive in our future which will be filled with different technologies.

Well, if you do not know from where you should start to learn code, we are here to help you out. In this article, we are going to share with you the best iPhone and iPad apps to learn coding in 2022.

Anyone who is willing to learn to code can learn to code easily as there are many mobile tools and apps in addition to popular websites to learn how to code.

If you are a parent then we recommend you to share this article with your children and encourage them to learn to code because in the very near future coding will be an essential part of our life.

best iPhone and iPad apps to learn coding in 2022

But if you are not even familiar with the word CODING then lemme first tell you what is the meaning of Coding?

Basically, To develop a revolutionary technology the first thing we need to have is coding. But practice and revision make you perfect day by day as both beginner and experienced coders are always need to hone their craft, but if you lost the skills to do some updates based on user demand then its nothing but waste so make sure to polish your coding skills even you are a perfect coder.

This is why we have listed out some top and the best apps to learn coding on iPhone or iPad in 20222.

So, let’s have a look at our detailed list of best apps to learn coding in 2022.

Best iPhone and iPad apps to learn coding in 2022

1. Sololearn

Sololearn is one of the best iPhone as well as android apps to learn coding in 2022. On this app, there are plenty of programming languages in addition to markup languages, you can choose anyone or more and start to learn.

Hottest trends are always available on the Sololearn programming app and Content is delivered based on your progress, preference.


  • Personalized
  • Free 24/7 peer support
  • Free learning
  • Mobile code editor comes within the app.

2. Mimo

To learn code is never been easier but it’s true only when you do not know about the Mimo coding learning app. With Mimo, programming becomes too easy to learn all you need to do is hands-on coding practice.

On Mimo you will be able to learn markup languages as well as a world-famous and amazing language to learn in 2022 is python.

Mimo has lots of features but here we discuss only the main and important features that you must know before starting learning.

With Mimo: Learn Coding and Programming app you’ll be able to:
• Learn the awesome languages in 2022  like Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL
• Learn while accepting challenges.
• Run code and build real-world projects based on GO programming language, code in your mobile IDE.
• Coding challenges on Mimo make you perfect.
• Build your own portfolio while learning web development.
• Get a course completion certificate that can showcase your skills.
• Join a community of millions of coders

3. Programming Hub

Programming hub works same as food hub functionality on which there is lots of variety is available. On Programming Hub almost every programming, as well as mark-up language, is available with a course completion certificate.

Learn while solving MCQs and learn topic-wise, attempt tests to measure your performance. Aside from programming courses, there are other techniques and IT-related courses available like learning artificial intelligence, Machine learning, IoT, and much more.

4. Enki

If you are interested in Python and its implementation based on new and trending as well as revolutionary technologies then Enki is only for you. On Enki, you can start with Data science, machine learning, AI, Python, and other soft skills.

Basically, we can say ENKI is a mentor which lives in your pocket.

1500+ lessons in 20+ skills
● Coding Intro ● Python ● SQL ● Data Science ● Data Analysis
● JavaScript ● React ● Blockchain ● CSS ● HTML ● Web
● Security ● Git ● Computer Science ● Regex ● TypeScript
● Docker ● Golang ● MongoDB ● Linux ● Java
● Spreadsheets ● Webflow ● Zapier ● Airtable

5. Grasshopper

Start your adventurous coding journey with Grasshopper, best suitable if you are a kid as it is a quick game on your phone that teaches you to write real JavaScript. Javascript is a demanding language these days and the grasshopper is one of the best apps that teaches you javascript fastly. Move towards the upper level by clearing the previous level.

Learn step by step and grow gradually.

6. Swift Playground

This app is available only on iPad but really it is worth downloading the app if you want to learn coding in 2022. Your coding journey will be going to be fun and super easy with Swift Playground. This is a trial by the tech giant Apple that created the app as an entry-level coding tool for developers and kids to start learning how to build their own apps on the platform.

Learn and improve your logic skills by solving puzzles and start to build your own apps using Swift programming language with the help of the Swift Playground app for iPad.

7. Koder

Another best iPhone app to learn coding in 2022 is Koder. Koder is free to use and allows you to learn programming at your own pace.

Basically, Koder is a code editor for iPad and iPhone. There are lots of amazing features that a code editor must-have for the convenience of coders it includes syntax highlighting, snippet manager, tabbed editing, find and replace code, editor theme, remote and local files connections, and many more.

On koder, start to code, anywhere at any time, doesn’t matter you are on rest or on go.

8. WhiteHat Jr

Whitehat Jr is a kid programming learning platform. Whitehat JR is totally different from these all apps, basically, whitehat JR is a community that helps your kid to learn how to code and how to build real-life-based applications.

There are a lot of experts who teach kids how to code in different programming languages after completing the coding course on whitehat Jr, candidates will be certified also. But, it’s not a free learning platform you have to pay a heavy amount of money.

9. Udemy

Udemy is a well-known platform for any type of courses either related to tech and soft skills or related to management and business as well s personality development.

On udemy, just enter some keywords and booyah! you will get hundreds of results, choose which one you like most based on your pocket and reviews as well as ratings.

10. C/C++ Program Compiler

C/C++ program compiler is also a worth app to code in your iPhone or iPad. If you do coding in C/C++ and you are in a hurry that you can’t open your laptop but you need to code at that time this app is very useful for your iPhone/ipad.

This app supports every version of C/C++ like C++11, C++17, etc.

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