Top 5 best apps to prepare for product based companies

Worry about placements? And don’t wanna join service-based companies? This is why looking for the best apps to prepare for product based companies. If yes, so you have finally found the right place we ensure you, you will find this page very helpful for you but the only thing you need is attention. Read this article attentively as this is somehow related to your career.

This article will be helpful for you if you are preparing for product based companies placements or you wanna switch from service-based companies to product based companies.

best apps to prepare for product based companies

We can better understand your keen desire to get placed in a product based company. For an engineering students, placement is the most important part of their graduation journey. In this article, we will tell you the best product based companies preparation apps so that you will be get placed in your dream company.

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Best apps to prepare for Product Based Companies

We care about your precious time this is why I am going to directly share the amazing and best apps to prepare for tech giants.

1. GeeksForGeeks

Usually, every geek is well familiar with GeeksForGeeks as this website or mobile app is the BAAP OF ALL PLACEMENTS PREPARATION. On GeeksForGeeks, you will find more than enough matter to prepare for placements whether you are preparing for service-based companies or Product based companies.

For getting placed in any product-based company technical students are required to be good at their coding skills and other soft skills and fortunately, GFG is all in one platform to be prepared for placements.

On GFG every subject is there and you can prepare topic-wise, company-wise, rating-wise, or as you want to prepare for placements.

There are multiple coding questions of all levels from the school level to the hard level that will be definitely helpful for you if you are preparing for a product based company. We must say GFG is the best app to prepare for a product based company.

2. IndiaBix

IndiaBix is also a well-known website and mobile app for placement preparing students. On IndiaBix, there are multiple sections to prepare for topic-wise. You can select any of them and start to attempt and a very good and important thing about IndiaBix is if you attempt a wrong answer then the correct option plus its explanation will be shown to you so that the chances of the wrong answer will be reduced for the next time.

IndiaBix is a tongue sitter name for every student who is preparing for placement exams. The level of the questions is based on the previously asked questions in different companies so this will be definitely helpful for grabbing a placement in a product-based company or a service-based company.

3. Interview Bit

Interview Bit is in the third place of the best apps to prepare for product-based companies. Interview bit is available in the website format not in an application form but this doesn’t matter. On the interview bit, there are thousands of coding questions to polish your coding skills as well as other soft skills. For practicing DSA Interview bit is a very good resource after GFG. There is a scoreboard of yours, if you solve questions correctly your score will increase, and then your rating will increase. You can showcase your coding skills by sharing your profile on LinkedIn or in your resume.

4. 450 DSA Cracker  – Track & Crack DS Algo Easily

Almost every CSE/IT student has heard about LUV BABBAR 450 DSA question cracker sheet this app is just based on his cracker sheet. This app is really a bomb as you always have 450 DSA’s most important questions in your pocket and you are free to solve them anywhere any time.

If you honestly attempt all the 450 questions there is no one who can stop you to be get placed in a product-based company. All the contents of DSA are covered like arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, trees, graphs, algorithms, etc.

5. All Company Coding Questions

This app is for all types of companies’ placements preparation from TCS to Amazon level, all questions are present at this app.

Moto behind developing this app is to help all the job seekers by providing all the previous year coding questions with answers, all interview questions with answers, written objective questions, and answers of All the Top MNC’s like TCS Wipro Infosys IBM Syntel Nagarro Capgemini, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Netflix, etc.
The most important thing about this app is you will get all the latest questions asked in companies’ campus drives.

1. Interactive UI
2. Better visibility and medium font size.
3. Search bar is present fr your convenience
4. Company-wise Coding Question
5. Language-wise interview questions and answers

So, techies, this is all for today’s post I hope these apps will be enough helpful for you to get placed in your dream company, make sure to share this article among your friends and all the job seekers who are willing to participate in a product based company.

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