Top 10 Best EV apps in USA 2022

Electric Vehicles (Evs) are on-demand nowadays in comparison to traditional gas stations. This is why we are here to share the top 10 best Ev apps in USA 2022.

Plenty of EV mobile apps help EV drivers locate charging stations and establish driving routes that fulfill their requirements and fit their schedules.

best ev apps in USA 2022

If you are an EV driver and looking for the best EV charging apps this article is for you only so let’s begin with our list of the best EV apps in USA

Best EV apps in USA 2022

Here we have picked out a list of the best smartphone apps for EV owners. All the apps are available for both whether you are using Apple or Android.

1. Charge Point

Charge Point is one of the best apps among all EV apps this app helps you to find the nearby charging station either you use ChargePoint Network or you are using some other major charging networks. There is an amazing filter that comes withing this app that allows users to Search only shows units that specifically work with a user’s vehicle.

It also allows you to connect with their ChargePoint home charging station and enjoy the benefits of the station’s smart features.

2. EV Connect

EV Connect can be downloaded on both devices either on iOS or Android.

EV Connect provides an inherent and user-friendly interface that helps all the EV drivers who are looking for nearby charging stations. This app will show you desired results based on your location, availability, provided power level, and accessibility.

All you need to do is scan the QR code and voila this will start to charge your EV.  Moreover, you will be notified of charging completion via email or the EV Connect mobile app.

This app supports EV drivers for the whole day and night so it’s a peace of mind to use this app for finding EV charging stations near you.

3. Plug Share

Plug share also allows EV drivers to find an EV charging station to charge their EV. This app suggests EV charging stations based on distances, the smallest distance charging station will be shown first and the largest distance at last.

PlugShare offers-

  • Suggests EV drivers public charging points compatible with their electric vehicles.
  • Locate Tesla Superchargers, DC Fast Chargers, and other chargers matching amenity selections.
  • Also allows having a look at station ratings, real-time availability, photos, and descriptions before going towards it.
  • Mark and link your favorite EV charge point as you discover them to find quickly for the next time.
  • Check whether the charging station is open at that time you need.
  • Pay instant after charging in the app with Pay with PlugShare (at participating locations).
  • Get notifications about the new installation of an EV charging station near you.
  • Calculate your bill by seeing charging time within the app.

4. Chargeway

Charge way uses a little bit different algorithm it uses a color-coded system to help EV drivers for finding suitable charging stations for their EVs. Basically, the color scheme denotes the different chargers and their connectors type. The J1772 connection (Commonly used by all Level 2 chargers except Tesla); while the CHAdeMO connector is preferred for Level 3 fast-charging.

5. EV Hotels

Following the name meaning, this paid version of the app helps EV drivers to find and reserve rooms at hotels that offer charging facilities. The dynamic tool helps drivers to easily identify and make reservations for hotels that have EV charging facilities.

6. Open Charge Map

Use this app to find EV charging locations anywhere across the world, take a preview of provided photos, ratings, and comments, and submit details of charging stations based on your experience.

Information you submit is shared globally and openly unlike other services which keep the information to themselves. You can contribute by submitting charging location details and comments via this app.

7. EV Plugs

If you are looking for the best EV apps in India then EV Plugs is an app for you that allows finding platforms covering EV charging stations from brands like EESL, Tata Power, Static, Magenta, Ather, and many more…

This app is one of the best apps in India which suggests EV charging points near your location. You can switch between the map and list options to find a charging point. Also, Save your favorite EV stations for frequent use.

8. EV Charge Online

Find access to charge your EV at your mobile app EV Charge Online. This app is free to use and allows us to find electric vehicle charging networks. This app comes with a very simple-to-use interface and lets you have the ease of charging with the ability to use up to thousands of charging points throughout the globe.

All you need to do is simply log in to find your nearest charging point, plugin, and charge!

9. EV Charging by NewMotion

This app is designed for public EV Drivers to charge their EV but now this app has collaborated with a NewMotion business card or a charge card from a NewMotion partner.

But if you haven’t any card from these so you can use an alternative way, to do so, download the Shell Recharge App.

This app comes with a Filter on charging capacity, connector type, and availability of charge points. Updated info related to charging tariffs, set by charge point owners. Additionally, you can start and stop charging sessions whenever you want by using your app only.

10. Chargemap – Charging stations

This app also allows you to Find charging points near to your location or along a specific route;
• Real-time checking availability for the EV charging station
• Before moving for a charging point check reviews, ratings, photos also add your experience.
• Community share is available
• Apply filter to only display Chargemap Pass compatible charging points

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