8 Best Video Lecture Recording Apps


  • Video lecture recording apps brings a revolutionary change in education.
  • This article will let you know the best video lecture recording apps

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, education is affected too much, and students struggle too much in online learning, especially those who are less than class 8th.

Children are required to have a teacher present in front of them so that they can ask their doubts and mainly revise at the time of their unit test or annual examinations.

But due to this disaster, all have to take online classes and will face problems at the time of exams, because there is no way to revise the topics as if the topic has slipped from your mind. So, in this scenario what should we do?

Don’t be upset, technology is 4 steps forward than covid-19. There is a big bale of Video lecture recording apps that is really helpful to record video lectures.

In this article, we will introduce these kinds of video lecture recording apps.

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Video Lecture Recording Apps

Before the pandemic, classrooms, benches, tables, chalks, and dusters are the part of physical infrastructures of education but now the time has changed and these all stuffs also been changed into laptops/mobile/iPad/iPhone/ tab/computers, etc.

And we can also record the lecture for the sake of revising again at the time of your examinations. Here are some best lecture capture apps.

Best Video Lecture Recording Apps

1. Lecture Capture

The lecture Capture app helps people easily create, capture, host, share, and stream. This app is a revolutionary change in the area of education. Watch a lecture, presentation, or training session using your tablet or phone.

This will engage your learning and productivity. Teachers can live their sessions to any number of students.

Key Features:

  1. Live to the cast of lectures.
  2. Automate lectures
  3. Virtual Classroom
  4. Share presentations, ppts, documents, and videos.

2. Panopto

Panopto allows you to access all your video content from your android tablet, or phone view. Users can enjoy HD video presentations, lectures, training courses, and events. Also, they can search inside your videos to find any keyword or topic.

Key Features:

  1. Watch your video lectures, presentations, and meetings anywhere at any time on your android/tablet.
  2. The search bar helps you to find a particular module in the video.
  3. Closed captions.
  4. Navigate videos by tapping on slides, chapters, and transcripts.

3. Cloudemy Lecture Recorder

Cloudemy Lecture Recorder is an easy way to record video lectures consisting of slides, ppts, or webpage slides. Users can record their lectures using their smartphone or iPhone.

It allows you to turn on your camera while recording your lectures so that it will also record your engagement with your students or audience. You can set custom settings for Video like frame rate, bit rate, encoder, Video Size- 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, etc.

4. Lecture Recording

With the lecture recording app, you can record your video lecture, and meetings, online events with quality audio. Get a notification for your pre-scheduled meeting so that you will not forget to join.

5. AZ Screen Recorder – Video Recorder, Livestream

One tap is enough to start recording your online class lecture, meetings, events, etc. Or else you can record your gameplay videos, the AZ screen recorder app allows you to record screens with high-quality audio and video quality, Moreover, it adds up powerful editing tools and you can live stream on youtube or Facebook-type apps.

Key Features

  • Screen Recording
  • Screen Recording with facecam
  • Game recorder in full HD
  • Record with internal sound
  • You can draw on screens, etc.

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6. acadflip

acadflip is just like a complete book of recorded video lectures that works as notes during your examinations. Acadflip is a learning app for engineering students and also it recommends you the best internships based on your interest or course you are pursuing. Acadflip offers complete engineering course video lectures customized as per University and your branch like Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Mechanical Engineering. Also, you can get SPPU Question Paper for all branches.


  • Students can learn a particular topic or a complete unit by watching lectures in offline mode.
  • Multiple items downloaded are allowed
  • HD quality recorded video lectures.
  • One of the best internship platforms for engineering students.

7. Apowersoft

Apowersoft is a software that is available for both PC as well as Mobile phones, it allows you to record your screen with the audio. And it’s completely free of cost with a super-easy way of use. After recording videos you can share them via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

The mobile apps also allow you to trim and edit a little bit, unfortunately, PC software doesn’t allow you to do so.

8. Active Presenter

ActivePresenter is just wow software available only for windows and macOS. Activepresenter allows you to not only record the lectures, or record a video but also you can edit, trim, cut, copy, time change, add some text, animations, slides, etc also you can export videos to ppt, pdf, or any other formate.

Many of the YouTubers and professors are using active presenters to record their videos as it is free to use and come up with exciting tools that are easy to use also.


Wrap Up:

So these above-listed apps and software are more than enough for your requirements and these all are absolutely free of cost. Also, don’t worry about the quality of the video, all apps provide HD quality video recording functionality with good quality audio. To use these apps/software is a very easy task, but still, if you are struggling somewhere, you can take the help from YouTube tutorials.

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