What is Smart Commerce Amazon? How to Digitise your shop through this?

Well-known e-commerce and tech giant company Amazon just introduced its Smart Commerce Amazon in India and now it is planning to stamp its brand as Amazon retail store.

Smart Commerce Amazon

What is Smart Commerce Amazon?

Smart Commerce by Amazon is an initiative that focuses on digitizing ordinary shops into digital dukaans.

Amazon has a plan behind this new initiative called Smart Commerce, according to this agenda, All the local shops will be converted into digital Stores.

Amazon had already a program called ‘Local Shops’ that lets physical stores register on the platform and sell to customers in their native area. Amazon will cover over 1.5 Lacs local physical stores as the goal of this program.

“With Amazon’s new Smart Commerce, Physical or local shops/stores can now achieve the top-notch and digitize their offline services,” Amazon claimed in a statement.

From a mini to maximum size store, will be able to utilize Amazon’s shopping innovations, logistics, and digital payments.

This new initiative has a secondary goal also which is to accelerate its pledge to digitize 1 crore small businesses by 2025. Over 1.5 lakh neighborhood stores are already selling online using Amazon.

In the coming weeks, Smart Commerce will release its first set of solutions. This would help local stores digitize billing and inventory management, and deliver an enhanced in-store experience to their customers. This will be followed by the launch of capabilities enabling them to create their own online storefront within minutes, and serve their customers through a simple voice and chat-based shopping experience.

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Blazoned during the third edition of Amazon Smbhav, the launch of Smart Commerce is aimed at accelerating the eCommerce company’s plans to digitize 1 Cr small businesses by 2025. As part of this action, Amazon aims to enable original stores to digitize their store operations, give an enhanced in-store experience to guests, and produce their own online storefronts.

Wrap Up:

Concisely we can say, Tech Giant Amazon, an eCommerce company started a new initiative with an intention to digitize all the local stores. In this mission, almost 1 crore small and medium-sized businesses and stores will be converted to fully digitized by 2025.

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