6 Best apps to get on-demand home services


  • Apps to get on-demand home services are really beneficial for professionals.
  • People are no longer required to worry about their messy homes and their cleanliness.

Let’s suppose a fairy tale story becomes true in your life then what will be your reaction?

Like you just eat and sleep type of person but wanna see your home always neet and shiny, or else you are a very busy person that you even don’t have time to clean your home, in that case, you just want to have a fairy or Aladdin’s lamp with you, so that you have to just order to clean the kitchen, or maintain the bedroom, clear the drawing-room and so, right?

Do you know, it is cent percent possible without having a fairy or Ginnie? Yes, you read it absolutely correctly. Well, in this article, we will tell you the same, how can you make your home a home not a zoo of animals.

There are several companies that work as a fairy/Ginnnie for you to clean your home, or fix any plumbing tool.

Now, you might be wondering that is this is really possible to clean your home/ fix tools when and see your house tidy and shiny when you returned in the evening, so the answer is Yes, Of-Course, this is possible.

If we have a look at a few years ago, that time this is of course not possible but by the gap of years, as the technologies are increasing day by day, On-demand home services are also increasing rapidly.

Okay, so now let’s see what are the apps that make this miracle.

apps to get on-demand home services

Best apps to get on-demand Home services

We can clearly see incredible growth in on-demand home service app development, over the past few years. These apps are evolving with such a variety of services that we have never imagined.

Plenty of on-demand home services apps discussed underneath deliver instant services and are establishing trustworthy relations with their clients to deliver a pack of daily chore services in no time.

There are many apps that are available for every region or country but also some apps are specially designed for a specific country based on its standard of living and the requirements of its citizens.

In this article, we are giving preference to India as well as the United States of America.

Best apps to get on-demand Home services in India

India is a developing country and now it has put a step forward to serve from home to home. There are many metro cities where On-demand home services apps are really needed as most of the people in these cities belong to the IT sector jobs, and everyone knows, that an IT employee has not enough time to even take breakfast properly.

So, in this scenario, these on-demand service apps in India make your life happier than before.

1. Urban Clap

Urban Clap offers you all the required home services at affordable prices and high quality. Salon, repairing, cleaning, housing, and every service are available at your doorstep.

You are no longer required to go to a salon for your hairstyle or something else, appliances also can be repaired at home, cleaning, and housing things.

Both android and iOS users can use the app by downloading it from a suitable app store.

2. Helpr

Helpr helps you with all your house chores. It includes kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, deep cleaning, dusting, carpet cleaning, etc. Besides it, this allows you to do tool repairing, car washing, painting, renovating, computer maintenance, etc.

Available on both iOS and Android.

3. Mr. Right

Mr. Right’s home services app is available in more than 10+ cities with 300+ services. And this is one of the most trusted apps which serves quality services doesn’t matter whether you are needed to catch up with a plumber or a repairer, or a cleaner. everything is available here.

AC, Car washer, cleaner, TV repair, laundry, refrigerator, appliance repair, gardening, mobile repair, pest control, etc.

4. Yes Madam

Yes Madam, is one of the top-rated Home service apps. This app is mostly useful for women for their beauty maintenance and the important thing is it takes very affordable charges.

It serves you with a PPE kit for every professional plus checks their temperature on a daily basis. Also low contact salon services due to hygiene. It doesn’t bound you with their products to use, you can freely use your own products and only pay for their services.

Best apps to get on-demand Home services in USA

Based on citizens’ requirements for their daily needs, these apps are categorized under various categories including housing, laundry, alcohol delivery, health care, pet caring, etc.

1. Handy

Handy is a New York grounded on-demand handyperson service company innovated in the time 2012 but provides services in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. It connects druggies with service professionals to offer services like cleaning, installation, and also other services at a fixed price. And you can check out then, the complete companion to erecting an Uber for handyperson app.

2. Drizly

It was established in 2012 for Alcohol delivery from home to home. It gained the miracle growth of users as Alcool is a very demanded product in the country.

allows the users to order drinks from their preferred shop that is delivered to their location. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can use Uber for alcohol delivery script to start your business like Drizly.

Wrap Up

So in this way, you are no longer needed to worry about your messy home or care about your health or beauty as everything is present in your home. We have discussed on-demand home services apps in India as well as in USA.

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